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Flutter inquires about paid boops
safe1728580 artist:tiarawhy648 fluttershy215023 pegasus300595 pony988780 animated99749 black background5615 c:1212 cute203079 female1382752 floppy ears53304 gif31627 looking at you172372 mare491764 open mouth150131 raised hoof47543 shyabetes14198 simple background401755 smiling254642 solo1079078 spread wings55807 talking5892 wings111682


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Artist - tiarawhy
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Why is her left hind leg bent in? Looks kinda painful, honestly.

That's how their legs are placed normally in the show builds, but they usually don't show that part with raising hoof (an when they do camera is up close). I might play around with it some more however.