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It's been three months since I'm uploading the 3 missing pics for JohnRaptor's Judy Hopps meets Mane 6 series, I've decided to complete this series with a missing Princess Twilight Sparkle one, originally supposed to uploaded here back in November, but the image resolution size is too small, so, nevermind, gonna upload this before approaching to New Year Eve.

Judy meets Fluttershy : >>1118420
Judy meets Pinkie Pie : >>1258021
Judy meets Rainbow Dash : >>1258031
Judy meets Applejack : >>1258034
Judy meets Rarity : >>1258038

And, some say that Twilight's line is a reference to the famous Xzibit's Yo Dawg meme…
safe1558519 artist:johnraptor13 twilight sparkle280209 alicorn191643 pony829503 rabbit4355 adorkable3020 carrot1886 crossover56464 cute173974 dork3265 food59567 judy hopps222 levitation10365 magic64738 pen1085 police1055 telekinesis24197 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113928 zootopia298


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