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30 Day OTP Challenge ~ December 14th (Day 14)

safe2173816 artist:fluffyrainbowkitty92 applejack200416 big macintosh33593 caramel2938 flash sentry15079 fluttershy258543 pinkie pie255795 pokey pierce1662 rainbow dash279842 rarity217501 soarin'17727 starlight glimmer59972 sunburst8823 sunset shimmer79100 thunderlane4928 twilight sparkle357655 anthro359581 g42028514 30 day otp challenge230 clothes634238 cute265673 female1802146 height difference2494 lesbian117619 male550516 mane six37599 party2459 ship:carajack546 ship:flashlight3300 ship:pokeypie318 ship:rarimac565 ship:soarindash7419 ship:starburst1587 ship:sunsetsparkle5179 shipping254083 straight178996 thundershy86 winter6365


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@Background Pony #4A49  
If its done right I like it. If its just because she is not girly, it kind of a stereotype bs thing. Idk. I like Dash with Thunderlane, Big Mac, or someone else.