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Witch Dia

After some computer and electricial grid issues, still managed to salvage this and finish it up. Enjoy best girl.

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suggestive148421 artist:scorpdk681 diamond tiara10404 human158965 alternate hairstyle29075 belly button81323 boob window1320 bracelet10012 breasts288754 busty diamond tiara431 cape10735 cleavage35648 clothes476126 collar34548 female1402086 full body2347 gradient background13411 gray background7683 hat90374 high heels11782 humanized101924 jewelry68317 kneeling9116 looking at you175731 midriff19861 older27806 older diamond tiara802 ponytail18826 shorts14549 simple background409188 smiling261033 smiling at you5208 socks68569 solo1094477 solo female183685 thigh highs38183 topless14269 underboob4071 wand1322 witch2401 witch hat3107


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Background Pony #16A9
>Enjoy best girl

Considering she's dressing up like a witch, and therefore Trixie, clearly she's TRYING to be best girl.