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Witch Dia
After some computer and electricial grid issues, still managed to salvage this and finish it up. Enjoy best girl.

suggestive191593 artist:scorpdk718 diamond tiara11873 human247807 g42042556 alternate hairstyle38307 belly button111801 boob window2337 bracelet15867 breasts394162 busty diamond tiara598 cape14585 cleavage47095 clothes639713 collar48311 female1816007 full body7970 gradient background25936 gray background14891 hat125371 high heels17406 humanized120376 jewelry114638 kneeling13404 looking at you261987 midriff24578 older40363 older diamond tiara1145 ponytail27529 shorts19820 simple background602893 smiling401494 smiling at you26112 socks96399 solo1435791 solo female236023 thigh highs60303 topless17240 underboob5147 wand1546 witch3585 witch hat5355


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Background Pony #16A9
>Enjoy best girl
Considering she’s dressing up like a witch, and therefore Trixie, clearly she’s TRYING to be best girl.