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Larger version of Tumblr image.
Lineart from delivery by KinkyPinkie on the /mlp/ draw thread, colored by King-Kakapo.

suggestive191805 artist:king-kakapo1335 artist:kinkypinkie346 princess luna117812 alicorn317700 pony1619860 g42045907 bed58559 bedroom eyes82936 black panties818 black underwear4671 blushing277415 butt234419 clothes641495 colored25288 curtains4088 curvy10088 dock72199 ethereal mane13668 eyelashes27209 female1820086 garter belt12502 garters3663 high res408658 horn198968 lingerie14167 looking at you262884 looking back87697 looking back at you30186 mare752820 moonbutt5149 on bed8427 on side9683 panties64279 pillow25789 plot146313 pose8716 praise the moon703 seductive5315 seductive pose3431 sexy46525 smiling402922 socks96732 solo1438872 solo female236470 spread wings96388 stockings49104 stupid sexy princess luna1303 tail104613 tail hole2298 the ass was fat21261 thigh highs60623 underwear79521 wide hips31008 wings227255


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