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EQD day 2, action.

Trying some dynamic lighting, but the hardest part was a laser cutting through the cloud.
safe1707463 artist:t72b741 derpibooru exclusive28415 starlight glimmer48684 twilight sparkle300464 alicorn224659 pony968639 the cutie re-mark3202 cloud30749 fight6154 flying38190 gritted teeth12264 laser944 magic blast1003 newbie artist training grounds6087 scene interpretation8612 traditional art117881 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123721


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yes, the wing shaped thing is suppose to be a wing. they are white to (try) show that the laser bolt passed between it and body, giving the underside of the wing bright illumination.

starlights mark is an 8 pointed star, where as twilights is a 12 pointed star, but looking at it now i should have given it a second pass.

hopefully that clairifies everything

Is that wing-shaped thing supposed to be a wing, or is it meant to be a motion line?
If it's a wing, why does the one that doesn't have wings have twilight's cutie mark.
If it's not a wing, why do neither of them have wings?