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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
As ridiculous as this comic seems, there have been cases from the 19th century where people often react immediately from any sudden stimuli, such as…
full - “Latah in Southeast Asian countries (1849)”
full - The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine (1878)
full - Miryachit in Siberia (1882)
Generally, those conditions are often disputed as either hereditary, psychological, neurological, environmental or culturally-bounded syndromes. Nevertheless, there is no consensus over what causes these outbursts. Such common symptoms of these weird syndromes include:  
full Swearing many obscenities  
full Jumping around a lot  
full Imitating every action of everyone around them (both physically and vocally)  
full Screaming for prolonged periods of time  
full Obeying every command no matter how ridiculous it is  
full Hitting everything within their path
Thankfully, those cases are very rare in some fringed parts of the world and was believed to be a deviant form of Tourettes Syndrome (only the difference is that the responses are triggered rather than being involuntary)
full Hopefully, you don’t have anyone in your family with these strange yet destructive conditions , because that would mean your whole family has to walk on many fragile eggshellswith spikes under each of themwhile wearing thick heavy fabrics of body armor
Dr. Vera by Silverwolf1345
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safe2155276 artist:meiyeezhu341 pinkie pie253717 oc936873 oc:dr. vera1 human240940 g42008111 anime7503 bed56841 black underwear4583 blushing269144 bottle5906 breasts385433 broken glass348 busty pinkie pie14256 cabinet325 chair11629 check up10 clothes625986 comic134187 computer8094 cup8897 damaged163 destruction1992 disaster55 doctor880 dutch angle269 exclamation point5578 female1782046 file132 frizzy hair121 funny5439 glass6691 hammer2236 hitting246 humanized118176 humanized ponified human159 hyperactive66 kicking2656 nervous8473 old master q505 panties62976 panty shot1110 paper4587 parody17362 pleated skirt4487 question mark6607 reference5404 reflex action4 reflex hammer1 room2472 scared14137 shaking2015 shocked10027 shoes58369 skirt54656 skirt lift5406 socks94047 stockings47731 stool2291 super strength201 surprised12659 sweat39878 underwear77831 unexpected189 upskirt7244


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