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A [boring] scene interpretation, from Deviant artist RacoonKun, on  
Season 6’s 6th Episode: No Second Prances (Episode #123 of 143).
safe1754995 artist:racoonsan570 princess celestia96906 twilight sparkle306653 human159304 no second prances1886 bored1488 breasts289533 celestia is not amused546 clothes477309 cup6516 cupcake5567 dress46178 duo65071 female1405594 food73200 horned humanization6908 humanized102066 patreon12965 plate1788 scene interpretation8859 table9541 tea3128 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126379 twilight's castle4103 winged humanization8858


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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
Celestia is not amused. And when Celestia is not amused, Philomena gets upset, and when Philomena gets upset, people go to the moon.
Master Fox

Think about what Celestia does all day. She’s taken care of raising and lowering the sun, she’s done all her royal duties and was expecting a nice relaxing dinner. Only to be stood up by someone. So she’s probably had to sit there fully exhausted waiting for twilight who assured her things would be good would be bad. NOW had there been the cakes there to help perk things up yea it would be better. She’s more of a party pony then a stuck up dinner kind of pony. Had they let DJ Pon3 rock out the castle she’d like it more.