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Short little animation loop featuring Dinky Hooves.
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safe2176511 artist:kanashiipanda629 dinky hooves4694 pony1604744 unicorn538894 g42031116 :o6669 animated126177 curious639 cute266052 dinkabetes338 female1805068 filly97504 floppy ears73078 foal44335 fourth wall2438 frame by frame4713 looking at you259728 open mouth237969 perfect loop2228 raised hoof70061 simple background597431 sitting92531 smooth as butter56 solo1427757 transparent background284703 underhoof69041


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Background Pony #7926
This (at the time of this comment) has the highest score for dinky’s tag.
Background Pony #550B
Dinky: ‘mommy there are monkeys in the wall! and they wish to be ponys!’ Derpy: ‘Dinky i told you to stay out of my coffee.’
Background Pony #0825
Aww, cute. Think she’s been hanging around Pinkie Pie a bit too much if she’s peeking at the barrier. ;)
Background Pony #7AEB
@Background Pony #87D2  
Short and simple, but it’s still 58 frames. It also does a good job endowing personality (in this case, curiosity) onto the featured character.
I’m sure you can find many, many image with more than 1000 upvotes that didn’t require as much effort as this short and simple animation.
Background Pony #7AEB
And finally we’re having comments that match the image. ‘Snice.
I’d love to see Derpy, Dinky, and Carrot Top appear together in the background of some scene or comic panel at some point.

Boopity Schmooples
“Mom, what are these funny-looking people?”  
“Dinky, don’t be rude! Apologize!”  
“Sorry, Mr…er…Whoever-You-Are.”  
“Excuse my daughter, she’s a bit of a rascal.”