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A painting that I had intended to do in one sitting took four. BUT IT'S DONE. …and I've remembered that I hate painting leaves and fruit.

A ponification of Caravaggio's Bacchus

with way more saturation and color than his… My reasoning is this is it when it was new so hadn't faded with age and she's royal so she can pay for more pigments… Also because I like color.
safe1590062 artist:silfoe1551 princess celestia90598 alicorn198329 pony857009 alcohol6165 bacchus12 caravaggio8 classic art64 female934052 fine art emulation55 fine art parody489 flower22555 flower in hair6745 food61851 glass4100 levitation10692 magic66605 mare421553 michelangelo merisi da caravaggio2 pink-mane celestia2388 smiling218685 solo982866 sunflower429 telekinesis24949 wine2017 wine glass1263


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