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explicit346790 artist:carnifex2315 oc675682 oc only443534 oc:ambrosia212 oc:miasma95 oc:myxine86 changeling46847 changeling queen16085 human153263 pony953513 blowjob31537 blue changeling1861 changeling oc7406 changeling queen oc1810 cock worship2850 commission66967 drool24535 female1349745 fffm foursome44 foursome1716 group sex15204 human male6653 human male on mare3642 human on changeling action201 human on pony action10479 human penis11334 interspecies22670 licking19975 licking cock4674 looking at you165978 male367921 male pov7303 multiple blowjob1439 nudity366084 offscreen character33589 open mouth142867 oral48303 penis151834 pov13826 purple changeling1636 sex119575 straight134946 this will end in tears and/or death2267 tongue out102491 triple blowjob218 under the covers227 yellow changeling850 you gets all the changelings1


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@The Last Reviewer
Well considering the beaks aren't soft… it's pretty much a certainty.

If they're even MORE bird-like, the tongues don't move much, either, so good luck with oral stimulation of ANY sort… They're birds of prey, so I suppose it makes sense that they aren't much for pleasuring in various ways…
Background Pony #338C
Sorry, my bad. It was me who spammed. I just wanted to say I love the art and wish to see more in future. Sorry all of the spam.