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explicit369483 artist:carnifex2341 oc730786 oc only487535 oc:ambrosia217 oc:miasma99 oc:myxine89 changeling51305 changeling queen18537 human162098 pony1083489 blowjob33520 blue changeling2071 changeling oc8240 changeling queen oc1907 cock worship3023 commission76273 drool26284 female1432212 fffm foursome65 foursome1846 group sex16396 human male6918 human male on mare3765 human on changeling action206 human on pony action10898 human penis11829 interspecies24159 licking21321 licking cock5145 looking at you181371 male398953 male pov7741 multiple blowjob1518 nudity391017 offscreen character36890 open mouth161126 oral51473 penis162979 pov14873 purple changeling1760 sex129062 straight143114 this will end in tears and/or death2363 tongue out111335 triple blowjob228 under the covers244 yellow changeling919 you gets all the changelings1


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@The Last Reviewer  
Well considering the beaks aren’t soft… it’s pretty much a certainty.
If they’re even MORE bird-like, the tongues don’t move much, either, so good luck with oral stimulation of ANY sort… They’re birds of prey, so I suppose it makes sense that they aren’t much for pleasuring in various ways…
Background Pony #338C
Sorry, my bad. It was me who spammed. I just wanted to say I love the art and wish to see more in future. Sorry all of the spam.