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Background Pony #4FD5
Pinkie: Mind Fuck Mind Fuck Mind Fuck Mind Fuck Mind Fuck Mind Fuck Mind Fuck Mind Fuck Mind Fuck

@Derpy Hooves
I’m gonna try to derpy, but It’s getting really busy at sugarcube corner at this time of year.  
But I’ll try to show up whenever I can! So I can make tons of new friends and have lots of fun!

That’s nice to know. Always nice to see friends doing well.
But I’m getting sleepy, I hafta go to bed so I can do lots of pinkie pie stuff tomorrow. Like, jumping and running and cooking and eating and making funny jokes and pulling pranks (but not on fluttershy of course) and running and swimming and jumping and having fun with friends and blah blah blah. I’m such a talky pie sometimes aren’t I?
Anyways, goodnight.

Hi derpy! How are you today? Muffins been any good? Oh boy I love muffins! Do you love muffins? Of course you love muffins! You’re derpy! You love muffins more than anypony! And I love muffins too. I love chocolate chip, banana nut, double chocolate chip, blueberry, toffee crisp… there’s just so many types of muffins! Can you believe it? It’s to much to bear! lol I saw a bear once! Fluttershy was giving him a massage, but it looked like it hurt. But flutter shy said “Oh, no. It doesn’t hurt him at all. infact, he likes it alot.” Giggles she’s so funny.
Anyways, what’s been up with you?