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Rainbow Feather climbs over her Mom to get a peak of something brand new- her little brother Gren, who sit in the arms of an exhausted Gilda, and looks up, wondering what this other colorful being is!

Made for
safe1689623 artist:carnivorouscaribou240 gilda9521 rainbow dash232070 oc674074 oc:gren38 oc:rainbow feather304 classical hippogriff4879 griffon26703 hippogriff9539 pegasus285293 pony951285 baby10351 bedroom eyes58594 brother and sister4145 curious450 cute197350 family4379 female1347550 fluffy14036 gildash355 interspecies22562 interspecies offspring7173 lesbian95811 magical lesbian spawn11783 newborn493 offspring38285 parent:gilda626 parent:rainbow dash5632 parents:gildash344 prone25210 shipping197923 siblings8268 smiling243527 wide eyes16909 wink24331


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C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

_Roll up,
Roll up for the lesbian spawn!
Roll up,
Roll up for the lesbian spawn!
The Magical Lesbian Spawn Is Dying To Confuse Your Logic!
Dying to confuse you today,
Sce-rew your logic!_
Background Pony #29FA

I'm gonna say no- Really I go back and forth on whether even griffons use eggs (aside from 'whatever's cute at the time')