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Rarity and a bad client

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Rich Wonderbolt: I’m so bored make me that dress!
Rarity: It will take time. I am working as reasonably as I ca…
Rich Wonderbolt: “Well work faster! I wanna show off how cool I am! Maybe if you work 5 more hours than you make it in time!
Rarity: I do NOT wish to lose my sleep, thank you very much. Progress is being made at a healthy pace. The dress I am making is incredibly elaborate. It will be as if the gods made it. Just be patient and…
Rich Wonderbolt: “Listen here, do you know who I am? I am the Lady of the North! I am descended from the great pegasus kings of old! I demand a dress so I can show it off to the Wonderbolts! And you’re saying you won’t work faster?
Rarity: Yes I know what I said great Lady of the North.
Rich Wonderbolt: I’m a noble! You’re just a little peasent!
Rarity: Darling you had better listen to me…
Rich Wonderbolt: You do what I say, okay! You’re just a fashion designer! A mere craftswoman!
Rarity: Yes that is what I am. And… WHAT OF IT?
Rich Wonderbolt: People like you exist to make ponies me look good! That’s all! Now know your place. Goodness, is this how all working ponies are, people who are so lazy they can’t miss a few days of sleep? Well you know what I say? I say your slackers…”
Rarity: ENOUGH. Rarity stares at her with a terrifying look
Rarity: Like I said it will take time. If you cannot accept that I have needs than you will not have this. A lady does NOT slap their dressmaker. And if you cannot understand I kindly ask you to leave,… and to never come back.
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