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Luna's Guard
The second story in this short story trilogy can be found here:

Dear Dad, or Mom or who ever finds this
Just to get this out of the way I’m going to be numbering the sentences so I can keep this as brief as possible.1 There is no reason for you to look at the number closer, especially when I mess them up.20 2
I honestly don’t know much about the war that went on.3 I was at school when the first day attack on Canterlot castle happened.4 The strange thing is my mother took me to school first instead of my dad.5 I wonder if she knew what was coming.6 I can’t think about that now.7 I have so much to tell you that I can’t, but I’ll try my best.8 This is the 5th letter I’m writing.9 Hopefully this time the guard outside lets it out instead of throwing it away after reading it.8 10
When mom picked me up from school she had tears on her face.11 I tried to ask what had happened, but all she told me was Acid was not coming home and that a war just started.12 I wonder if dad died during the attack.13 No one would ever give me a straight answer on that, not even Luna.14 I was later escorted to the castle by night guards along with other bat ponies.15 I think they were trying to protect us from the Celestia lovers.5 16
I went and found mom after her meeting with Luna.17 Mom told me that a pony named Watermelon Rat had been snuck out of the castle and was heading for ponyvill, were Celestia was at.18 She told me to go back to my room and to not fallow her.19 I did the exact opposite and fallowed her from a far, but I think she knew.12 20
After I watched mom look threw Watermelon’s room I went in and found a piece of paper that was marked VFD.21 Somehow I knew what VFD was, I just couldn’t pin it in my brain.22 I fallowed mom to the evidence locker to see if she had found something.23 I changed into her and grabbed the book she had placed in there called The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations.24 I must have changed back to soon because a guard spotted me so I had to run and hide in my dad’s lab.1 25
I learned a lot about VFD through that book, but I can’t tell you much or else the guard will throw it away again and I’ll have to start again.26 My horn hurts from all the writing I’ve done.27 What I can tell you is VFD is an organization that has been around sense Celestia and Luna were fillies.28 It was created to keep the peace between the two when they became the new rulers of Equestria.29 Sadly they didn’t do a good enough job.30 As the tail of Nightmare Moon could tell you.19 31
After that happened, they started to splinter, but not by much.32 The organization went quite after The Great Harmony 8 15 12 4 5 18 went missing.33 I know what happened to it, but as I said I can’t say much.34 You also might be wondering what it is.35 That’s a really good question.36 I have no idea what it is, but it’s important to the VFD. 20 37
Thousand years later when Luna came back the organization returned back to normal and helped the two sister return back to normal.38 This worked up until the Great Harmony was stolen from VFD.39 It caused a schism between ponies in VFD.19 40
I still do not know what the Great Harmony is, but it’s important and I think if fallen into the wrong hooves, it’s going to be bad for the rest of Equestris.1 41
When I went to bed that night I then woke up here in this prison cell.42 I still don’t know were exactly I’m at, but they keep calling it the last ERASED.22 43
Great, the guard handed me back the letter and said to look it over and I noticed there are a lot of scratched out words and erased stuff.44 At lest they didn’t rip it up this time.5 45
There isn’t much left I can tell ya.46 I’ve been stuck in here for a few days I think.47 The last time they updated me on the war was wensday.48 It sounded like SE is winning right now.16 49
All I ask of you is to forget me, to forget my safety.50 I’ll find a way out, just don’t worry about me ok.12 51
Please, whoever find this.52 Find out what VFD is doing.53 Find the good ones and warrn Celestia and Luna.1 54
I’ll be all right dad.55 You know I will.56 That’s of course if you’re alive.3 57
Please, just forget about me.57 I’ll be alright.5 58
From your little bugo
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