What do the different colors on the tags mean?


I’ve noticed various tags have different colors, so I’m curious as to what each tag color means? I haven’t been able to find a list that clarifies them. I assume that green is user-submitted tags and cyan is approved character name tags, but not sure about the rest.
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A tag can be assigned a category, which changes their background color, and all tags of a particular category are grouped together in the tags section of an image.
For the most part, they just enhance the clarity with which tags are presented to users, and rarely are something users have to interact with - except to point out new characters, new species, and new fan-creations to get them added to those respective categories.
Tag categories are only loosely and indirectly documented. Their existence, and that you can use it as a parameter for searching for tags, is noted at the bottom of the tag list/tag search page. The current list of categories in use is listed on the API documentation page, of all places… Likewise, you can find what category (if any) a particular tag is assigned via the two API endpoints that return tag-response or by inspecting the page source and looking for the data-tag-category attribute of the span representing each tag displayed on the page.
There’s at least 1 category not listed on the API page: body-type (eg. “anthro”)
SITE THEME uncategorized body-type character content-fanmade content-official error oc origin rating species spoiler
DEFAULT green gray teal pink I guess yellow or maybe mustard pink but redder and darker lavender almost blue sky blue mildly brown orange reddish pink again but light this time
DARK forest green gray teal but dark and awesome dull pink yellowish green dark red purple blue bluer than teal but still teal puce maybe umber
RED rosy red gray sky blue pink I guess yellow red pinkish purple uhhh blue and not very blue teal tan darker yellow
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A little late to this but I’ve been going through old notifications from while I was gone.
Here’s the colors in light and dark theme, and at the bottom are two different options we were deciding on for the fan-made titles category. Pink won out over purple. Also this is missing the species tag color which was added later.
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