Talk to Twilight Tragedy

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Fluttershy: There you are Celestia.
Um excuse me Twilight. I need to talk to her.
Flutter pulled Celestia to another room.
Celestia: What is up with her?
Discord: She seems to have lost her identity and taken on a new one that shows opposite traits to the original egghead princess.
For her you need to be careful not to be too affectionate at least until the right time. Her subconscience might find diract affection to be a threat and might make her reject further conversation.
It’s best to ask questions to joggle her memory. And like Fluttershy did to slowly convince her who she is with questions.
Try to make it a normal non-sappy conversation.
Celestia: I understand. Thank you Discord. I guess Fluttershy was right you do have a heart.
Discord: Yeah yeah yeah I’m gonna go see Lord Smooze now. Smell ya later Tia!
Celestia walks to Twilight.
“You wanted to talk to me right Twilight?”
Background Pony #EFE2
Celestia: I am the Princess of the Sun. I control the sun and ensure it goes around.
You must be wondering how you know who I am. Because I met you when you were a little filly.
You were doing something very impressive to get your cutie mark. Do you remember what that was?
Was it about fighting a wizard or hatching an egg?
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You were trying to hatch an egg, this egg was who would later be Spike the dragon.
You were tryinf to hatxh him so you could enroll at my Svhool of Gifted Unicorns.
You showed a tremendous amount of magic potential when a Sonic Rainboom disrupted your you and made you do powerful things.
And then I took you in as my personal pupil for magic.
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You used to be just as isolated before not wanting friends as you are at your current state.
But do you remember how powerful you can be? Do you remember the sheer amount of magic in your body? You might be sad but I bet even you can do great magic
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Celestia: No you wanted to me to be here and now you are telling me to leave?! Why did you even want me here in the first place!?
Background Pony #EFE2
Fluttershy: Oh no Twilight’s in one of those moods. Princess Celestia, let’s give her time to vent.
Celestia: Fair enough.
Discord: Anyways while she sulks we might wanna talk about how we should approach her next.
(I have ti think of what what they will talk about next. Hang on.)
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Discord: Normally she’s been more open to questions since I used that spell.
Celestia: Does she want to resist this memory for some reason.
Celestia: I might have a few ideas perhaps I should ask other questions or maybe just maybe use a little… coersion.
Fluttershy: gasp
Discord: Ooh this is getting juicy.
Celestia: Only as a last resort, Discord. Anyway I think I’m ready.
Celestia sees Twilight
Celestia: So hello uh Twilight.
Background Pony #EFE2
Celestia: Please calm down. Why are you so afraid of me? Do I remind you of something?
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