Talk to Twilight Tragedy

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Pinkie Pie:Poor twilight… (I shouldn’t hug her, this make twilight cry.)
Rainbow Dash:Be happ-
Pinkie Pie:Rainbow Dash! don’t say that to her! it makes twilight cry!
Twilight Tragedy:sobbing
Starlight Glimmer:It’s okay twilight, comfort twilight Don’t cry.
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Celestia: At least Twilight is able to talk with others even if she is a sulking mess
Rarity: So Ms. Tragedy I was wondering what are you favorite plays. Comedies or tragedies?
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Rainbow: Gee why am I not surprised.
Applejack slaps Rainbow.
Rainbow: Ow
Rarity: I have a particularly sad tragedy for you to watch at the Ponyville Theater. I got tickets! I have wanted ti see it again for awhile. A story of an orphan all alone! Waaaahhhh!
Rainbow: Great wr have two drama queens now.
Twilight: I will only go with Celestia.
Rarity: Why not me?!
Twilight: You do not savor dread the same we me and Celestia do. It is in our very essences. I am only going to this worthless theater to know true despair. When is the viewing?
Rarity: 3 PM.
Twilight: A few hours from now. Good. I will see you my apprentice Celestia.
Celestia: Consider it done. Ms Tragedy.
Twilight goes back to her room.
Rainbow: Okay that is just creepy.
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Celestia: Rarity it’s best we let her wallow.
As they walk.
Celestia: Does the orphan colt have a happy ending?
Rarity: No! He dies with his cat hating him! Waaaaaahhh!
Celestia: Thank you Rarity. This is precisly the type of play we need. I’m going to have some tea until 3. And we’ll watch it together.
At 3.
Celestia: Are you ready Ms Tragedy?
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Twilight and Celestia walked through Ponyville.
Other ponies were talking behind the backs of Celestia and Twilight about the grayification of Twilight.
“What happened to her”
“Maybe she just didnt have her coffee.”
“I hope she doesn’t do anything to me*
Background Pony #EFE2
Celestia: They are just sheep who do not understand anything. They think joy is good. But we know better.
Twilight: I suppose.
Celestia: Ah there is the theater.
Twilight: Good I dont want them looking at me like that.
As they watch the worlds most miserable play. All the ponies cried and despaired.
Twilight never encountered such joyless misery at this play. Even Celestia was crying like Twolight.
It was about an orphan turning imto a vampire who was dead to the would reminding Twilight
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