SEASON 9 FINISHED! (Top 10 episodes and final thoughts of MLP:FiM)

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I did it. I finally finished the entire Friendship is Magic. It’s hard to imagine that I finished it after saying in April 2017 that “I don’t like My Little Pony anymore”.

I guess your curiosity can get most of you eventually.

This was a TV show I adored since I discovered it back in November 2011. I loved Twilight Sparkle, her interesting journey, her friends, her lessons, the episodes, the world-building, the music, the songs… It was the first time in a long time that I adored a TV show. Friendship is Magic made me realize that animated productions can be not only funny, but also can have interesting and relatable stories, something that only Pixar films did back in the day (or at least I thought, because then I've discovered the Ghibli films and they are amazing). And seeing something like that that wasn’t made by Pixar was so refreshing.

However, I started to have mixed feelings during season 4, in 2014. I still got some good episodes, but other episodes have either a lack of focus, a flanderized character, an uninteresting story that would be basically filler or basically some weird continuity. I remember that Pinkie Pie had two sisters, but in the season 4 she has three, which was kinda weird. Some episodes had questionable designs, like the “final form” of the Mane 6 in Twilight’s kingdom. It looks like they have 20 stickers in the whole body. And I’m one of the few people who didn’t find Flutterbat interesting, probably one of the most passive characters I’ve ever seen in the show. And now that I mention flanderized characters, Pinkie Pie was quickly becoming less interesting. She went from my favourite character to become the most annoying one in the whole show. And even if I ended up liking many episodes, these conflicting feelings were messing with me a lot for a time.

Then we got season 5. When I finished watching Cutie Re-mark, I thought this season wasn’t good enough, but later I realized that it was better than season 4. Some episodes were overall better, some returns were nice, like Coco Pommel in Made in Manehattan, and, even if we got some bad episodes, the rest of the episodes were conceptually more interesting than I expected, which is good. However, the show wanted to be ambitious by showing new concepts, like the reform of a villain. At the end of Cutie Re-mark, we saw Starlight trying to be good and to fix things. But it didn’t feel like I was watching the conclusion of a season, it felt like someone pressed the Stop button. I didn’t like that ending because of the lack of satisfaction or climatic ending. Weirdly enough, Starlight only got 2 episodes out of 26, and watching an ending like that was confusing. We didn’t know anything about her.

But, you know, you can’t mess up a new reformed villain as one of the new main characters that much, at its worst it could probably be like Sunset Shimmer in the first Equestria Girls film, and even that was tolerable, she was just not my favourite until I watched Legend of Everfree.

[64 paragraphs until Ring complains about Starlight Glimmer]

Either way, let’s talk about the season 9.

The season 9 is often considered as one of the weakest seasons in Friendship is Magic. And, to be fair, I get it. You would expect a nice conclusion of all this journey in a way that you wanna say “goodbye”. And the conclusion is kinda nice. I mean, I’m happy with the ending, I just think it’s not perfect for multiple reasons that requires some contextual information.

My problem with the final season wasn’t the ending, it was the structure of the entire season. It’s like a weird combination of seasons 4 and 6 with characters and episodes that make NO sense to be written in the last season. On one hand, the first two episodes and the last three episodes show the same type of ambition that we saw in the first episodes of seasons 2, 3 and 4. On the other hand, the season 9 also has lots of slice of life episodes. Because of that, having two approaches doesn’t let the show to reach its full potential. Season 4, 5 and also 6 have the same problem, but at least season 5 has some great episodes that you could watch it independently and appreciate it.

Because of that, my rule of thumb while watching the last 3 seasons wasn’t gonna be trying to watch everything and look at it as an overall TV show. Friendship is Magic is not very consistent, and I learnt that the hard way. So, why not watching the episodes as their own thing? That was one of the reasons why I went back to the show. If Friendship is Magic was not consistent in the first place, why not watching the episodes as little 22 minutes movies? And, frankly, that worked a lot to me. Because, even if I get annoyed by something or someone in an episode, I could ignore it in 15 minutes and go back to the episodes I like the most.

As a result, season 9 has very good episodes and also very bad episodes. I think its highs are much higher, but its lows are much lower. There’s also lots of forgettable episodes and unnecessary approaches to some stories. You can clearly see why people say this is one of the weakest seasons. And while I agree in a lot of that, I still think it has some gems.

But, just for fun, I’ll quickly talk about the worst episodes in the season 9 before talking about the goodies.

-Daring Doubt

It’s mostly a repetitive and tiring Daring Do episode with the same structure, the same villain, the same misunderstandings, the same situations, the same traps and the same ancient relics. It’s also very weird that the show wanted to show some consequences to some character’s actions but not every character in the show.

-Going to seed

One of the most forgettable episodes I’ve watched in the entire show, with a nice concept that could work in another story but it’s completely invalidated by the ending. It’s not that shocking because the season 6 has a lot of that, but it’s still a boring and really slow episode.

-She talks to Angel

Really boring episode where Fluttershy and her bunny swap bodies. It’s not very interesting, but I’m assuming they made it because Your Name was really popular, but that’s a highly overrated film.

-Student Counsel

Because, despite considering Trixie and Sunburst as Starlight’s best friends, she constantly ignores Trixie and her plans to make a party for Sunburst, invalidating a lot of her character arc.

-A horse shoe in

Because, even though the show wanted Trixie to redeem herself, she ends up doing lots of things that you don’t wanna see in the main character of an episode, unless that was the point. And the ending is just too wrong for my taste. Not only this is the worst episode in the entire season, it’s also one of the worst episodes I’ve watched in the show. This is the Every little thing she does equivalent to Trixie, even more than All bottled up. The writers of Starlight and Trixie have always done whatever they felt like doing, but this is where they stick too much to the dinamic of one character being the voice of reason and other one being the one who screw things up regardless of what character arc they had.

If Every little thing she does was the main reason why I dislike Starlight, A horse shoe in is the main reason why I dislike Trixie.

That said, let’s talk about the best episodes in the season. In fact, it’s a Top 10, which is cool.

10. The last crusader

I love the conflict of Scootaloo in this entire episode and I really like the ending. It’s a nice way of establishing the importance of the Cutie Mark Crusaders without losing focus on Scootaloo, who’s the main character. However, the funny moments not only weren’t funny, but they also slow down the entire episode, which is a bit annoying. Also, the design of Scootaloo’s parents is not very interesting. It feels like a fanart made with Uncharted or Indiana Jones characters. I wish her parents were introduced in previous seasons, but it’s still a good episode.

9. Uprooted

After the events of The beginning of the end, the Young 6 want to memorialize the tree of harmony. It’s not perfect, I think Gallus was a jerk most of the episode and some jokes weren’t very funny. But it still is humble and it has a nice ending.

8. Sweet and Smoky

The lesson here is nice, the funny moments are actually funny and we see lots of dragons, which happen to have the most interesting design characters in the later seasons. That’s cool. However, while I like it, I think Garble being Smolder’s brother is a silly idea in the sense of character design. When you see Smolder’s brother, you kinda expected someone with a similar color palette, not a character from season 2. But it’s still a good episode.

7. Common Ground

This was a very nice episode about a pony trying to connect with the daughter of her girlfriend (the episode didn't clarify she's his daughter, so that's my take). I'm not a huge fan of the Buckball scene where they play a game and I thought Snips' first scene was too long. That said, I kinda like how Rainbow Dash tries to be a big friend of that little pegasus. And the moral was very nice. I wish the later Buckball sequence was a bit shorter, but it’s a nice episode after all.
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6. Between dark and dawn

From here and now, I really like these episodes. At first I was a bit defensive because I didn't like too much the first 5 minutes, but the rest of the episode is fine. I used to think that Celestia and Luna were very mystical (by the time they were introduced, the alicorns were very rare), so seeing them in a more mundane and even human approach is quite fun. I think they deserved an episode like that. I kinda wish these two got more episodes, but at least we got this one.

The episode reminded me of that IDW comic where Luna wanted to make all Celestia's work just for her to rest. I've read that comic back in 2014, so, to me, that's a sign where I think the TV episodes should have been more like the IDW comics, or at least as creative as those. And, by the way, nice Wicked reference. I love musicals and I love anything related to Idina Menzel, especially Frozen.

The only problems I have with the episode is that the first 5 minutes have too many scenes in a very short time where Celestia and Luna interfere too much in everything. And I couldn't stand Pinkie Pie here. Too many screams. Also, the scene where Celestia and Luna started to fight was out of nowhere, they could have shown some reasonable arguments instead of making a jab at the other sister just because “it’s the second act of the episode”. But overall, it was ok.

5. The ending of the end

Yes, the climatic ending of Twilight Sparkle against Chrysalis and the other villains happens to be a very entertaining episode. But, as much as I like it, the funny thing about this conclusion is that it should be my favourite episode in the entire show. It’s the conclusion of a TV show that millions of people love, myself included. I like Twilight Sparkle here and the overall conflict was insteresting. I wanted to know what happened in the next scene. It does lots of things that I wish the show did in many previous seasons, mainly during season 4. Chrysalis was nice here and Tirek was also terryfing. The Mane 6 were cool, sometimes it can be intentionally stressing and the overall ending is satisfying. Chrysalis manipulating the entire Canterlot was something I expected her doing since the season 2 finale, so it’s nice to see all these little details.

I’m saying all this because I think I have three problems. The first one is that Pinkie Pie is still annoying, but that is to be expected. The second one if the fight between Starlight and Chrysalis. I wanted to see a fight between Twilight and Chrysalis like in the IDW comic, not with Starlight. The second part of the episode is a bit better for having a bit of that, so that’s fine. And then there’s the big one: Grogar was revealed to be Discord. My god, why? Out of all the twists I’ve seen in the seasons 7, 8 and 9, let alone the season 6, why did they make this one? I don’t think Grogar was too interesting, but that doesn’t mean he has to be Discord all this time. It’s really weird twist that doesn’t stick too well to the rest of the episode.

But, to be fair, it’s still a minor issue, because, compared to the good stuff, this is really enjoyable. And there's a nice Tempest Shadow cameo. As an episode with the final fight with the villains, I think it was very good, even better than episodes such as Twilight’s Kingdom. Not perfect by a long shot (my favourite double episode is still A Canterlot wedding), but it’s still fine.

4. The summer sun setback

This episode was pretty good. There's a lot happening in these 22 minutes, so it doesn't get boring. And I was surprised that the villains were gonna show up apart from Frenemies. I also like the ending and how Twilight decided to solve this problem. She was doing what she was expected to do, which is nice.

The only two problems I see here is that I think Chrysalis should have been the only villain capable of doing all this. I don't wanna sound like a Smash Bros fanboy, but Tirek is too big for a task like that one. Watching her doing this entire plan would have been better instead of showing too many characters. I kinda wish this was an episode from season 4. It's still a good episode despite all that.

3. The beginning of the end

Celestia and Luna decided to retire and to let all their royal duties to Twilight. They give her time to prepare herself, but she’s still incredibly nervous for such a big task. In the meantime, Chrysalis and the villains were teleported by Grogar, and he resurrected king Sombra. He decided to go back to conquer the Crystal Empire and then Equestria.

This was a really interesting episode because, like some double episodes in previous episodes, it starts to get ambitious in a way that makes sense for Twilight’s character arc. We imagined at some point Twilight on Celestia's throne and being the princess of Equestria doing some princess duties. I've always imagined that since Magical Mystery Cure and I wondered if we were gonna see something like that in season 4. Unfortunately we didn't get that back in 2014. This episode would make more sense in season 4. However, the pacing was so well done that I was intrigued by absolutely everything. I was always "what's gonna happen in the next scene?". I wanted to see more.

I kinda wish we see more of the villains during season 9, but it’s the season 9. Most episodes made were very random and very baffling. Still, it’s nice to get an episode like that.

2. The Last Problem

And here it is. The final episode happens to be one of my favourite ones in the final season. As its own thing, it’s ok. As an epilogue of a TV show that was loved by millions of fans, this is wonderful. Even if I unintentionally saw some spoilers back in 2019, I was still surprised by this approach. It’s refreshing to see all my favourite characters older. All the characters, especially Twilight and Rarity, look exactly how I would imagine, and that’s really nice.

But that’s a character design topic. What about the story? I’m not sure about the rest, but I find Twilight more relatable in this episode than I expected. What if, after you start to work in another city, you don’t see your best friends as often as you want? That was a question most of us have when we no longer see our friends, and we start worrying about the future. I think most of us have been in the same situation as Twilight. To give you some context, I was studying for 2 years in another city and I’ve made some great friends. That was years ago. After that, it’s harder and harder to go out with them just for one day. However, we have advantages. We have social networks, we have phones, we can ask if our friends are available. A part of us is afraid of the future. But we can get better.

I also really like the little details, such as the news Twilight was reading. The way it shows the last fight like it was a detailed article is a neat thing to make the episode more believable. And how about that memory book for Twilight? It kinda reminds me of the photos from Harry Potter, or at least from what I’ve watched in very few movies, which is nice. And I really really like Luster Dawn’s design and character. She’s really cute and passionate. I’ve read that she’s supposed to be Starlight’s daughter, but the fact that this information wasn’t confirmed or denied makes me appreciate her as her own character. Maybe it’s me, but not every character has to be connected.

And then we have the last song of the show: The magic of friendship grows. I don’t know about you, but this is the first time since Rarity takes Manehattan that I’ve cried while watching an episode of Friendship is Magic. I don’t like most of Josh Haber’s work (starting with certain unicorn), but I think this is one of his best episodes by a long shot. It’s the most bittersweet episode in the season. Sweet because the ending is wonderful. Bitter because this is the ending and we have to close the book.

I used to think that Crusaders of the Lost Mark should have been the last episode, but now I sincerely cannot imagine a better ending than this. This is a great way to close a good TV show.

1. The last laugh

My favourite episode of season 9 is an episode I didn’t expect it to get made. Despite being a Pinkie Pie episode, she's not annoying or noisy. Maybe a little bit in the last 20 seconds of the episode, but that's nothing. And I really like the art direction in this episode, with some grey tones and desaturated colors in comparison to Pinkie. The characters are likeable and Cheese Sandwich has a very relatable conflict. Some people just lose their will to laugh and their will to smile.

I really like the third act. You don't need to find funny things to go back to be happy, you need to say funny things. It can be anything. A weird story, a pun, a joke, dark humour, soft humour, some ridiculous news (not the depressing ones, the FUNNY ones, the ones that make you chuckle). Just talk to anybody. Because, even though your voice would sound sad or joyless, the way you'd articulate these funny things would make people chuckle or laugh, even if it's just a bit. People like funny people, they want to share funny stories. I think it's a nice message to everybody.

The only thing I didn't like about the episode is that I wish it could be funnier. There's a moment where Pinkie Pie reinvents some slapstick jokes just to make Cheese Sandwich laugh. That scene could have been waaaay funnier. Or how about the two serious guards? Another scene that could have been so much funnier. And, hey, it's a great Pinkie Pie episode! Never thought I'd watch one of those in the last seasons, let alone the very last season. I think I like it much more than Pinkie Pride because that episode was waaay too indulgent to me. This one has a better story and it shows a relatable conflict that many of us have to fight against. And that makes it an admirable episode. And I like it more than The Last Problem because I didn’t expect that type of story for Pinkie Pie after trying to stand her screams for years, so watching an episode like this was a huge surprise to me.
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And that’s the whole TV show! I agree that most episodes were unnecessary in the later seasons. However, the complaints I’ve been reading now are the same type of complaints I had back in season 4. I remember I watched some episodes like Bats and I thought “what’s the point of this?”. I think it shows that the entire team of writers, animators, producers, voice actresses was limited, so they focused on a little bit of everything.

I still think the root of all the problems of Friendship is Magic is that it doesn’t have a solid sense of continuity and consistency. That’s why we got some episodes where the main character doesn’t act like she would based on previous episodes. For example, the show wanted to show some sense of ambition, but at the same time it doesn’t want to let go the slice of life formula. By sticking to both opposite approaches at the same time, Friendship is Magic is rarely at its best. We got unnecessary returns, repetitive episodes, a lack of variety in the villains, a huge stack of writers forgetting Chrysalis, baffling redesigns, ridiculous concepts, pacing problems, rushed episodes, filler episodes and…

[11 paragraphs until Ring complains about Starlight Glimmer]

Wait, I’m not supposed to talk about that yet. Let’s have some final thoughts.

Friendship is Magic wasn’t a perfect TV show. It wasn’t perfect ever. However, I think this constant imperfection reminds you that there’s real people behind this TV show we constantly talk about. Because of that, I can’t be that mad, desperate or frustrated by some questionable creative decisions made by them. I think the only single episode where I would be a little bit of intense is one from the season 6. And that’s my case. Many people in the fandom probably have their “worst episode ever”, and that’s a good thing. Don’t be frustrated, have fun with it, turn your frustration into something entertaining, where we can have fun and also understand you.

Almost half of the episodes of each of the later seasons were filler, so I do wonder what would happen if this show had like 4 or 5 seasons in total. Without the filler or stupid episodes, I’m pretty sure we would get not only a pretty solid TV show, but also some interesting concepts. We would save the best episodes of the seasons from 4 to 9, we would keep them in the seasons 4 and 5, we would get some interesting villains, Chrysalis as the ultimate villain for Twilight and then we would celebrate it and we would talk about our favourite episodes.

I think an hypothetical reorganization of Friendship is Magic deserves a discussion of its own. Not today, because I’m exhausted of studying and writing all this.

Overall, despite all the problems, Friendship is Magic is a pretty good TV show. However, no matter how much I like it, I always see a troubled show that didn’t live up to what Hasbro and the writers wanted out of it. For every really good episode this show has, there are two episodes that were ridiculous, unnecessary, close-minded, confusing or weird that kinda splitted the fans, especially the major creative decisions.

A part of me is still slightly conflicted because the show can succeed at getting me to like some characters from the last seasons, like Yona and Terramar. Yona is like a big huge dog, I like her. And Star Swirl and his friends are still cool I guess. Even Gabby in the season 9, she was fine.

I haven’t even mention Cozy Glow once in this whole long text if that tells you how important she actually is to the plot of the seasons 8 and 9.

And, while I love their best episodes such as A Canterlot Wedding, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Over a Barrel, Party of One and many other episodes, I think out of the 222 episodes this show has, there’s only 80 episodes that are well worth watching today, and only 30 of these 80 have aged well.

But the best episodes are REALLY GOOD episodes. The season 9 may have its flaws, but it has a great conclusion. And season 6 might be my least favourite season, but On your marks was the episode that made me say “I’m really glad to watch an episode from season 6”. And the MLP film kinda got what I wanted in the show right. When I watched it back in 2017 my first thought was “this is amazing, why can’t the show be like that?”. And, after rewatching the film several times, I understood that not everything is perfect. And it doesn’t have to be like that. If the lack of continuity annoys me, then I watch the episodes as their own thing. Another approach can help you to appreciate other episodes.

This show is not perfect… but I love it. And, at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. The good stuff, the memories, the friends we made and make, the songs…

Because that’s what Friendship is Magic is. Memories that will last forever.

Ok. Starlight Glimmer.

So, after finishing the last 3 long seasons filled with good episodes, great moments, unnecessary episodes, unnecessary returns, nice additions and a Starlight arc character that lasted for four years where the writers wanted to talk about redemption, I want to vent.

At the end of season 5, Starlight wanted to fix things and she finally said sorry to everyone after what she had done. And in the next seasons, after saying she wanted to do the right thing, she still wants to do magic in a maniac crazy way like she did in season 5: Manipulating everyone, controlling everyone’s minds and manipulating the cutie marks. When she doesn’t use her magic for her own benefit, she finds characters like Trixie and Maud Pie and use their contextual moments as excuses to say she doesn’t like being judged even though she did and does pretty bad things.

Ok, so, after many years and seasons, what was the point of all this? What was the goal here?

I didn’t want Starlight to do all this crazy stuff. I didn’t want Twilight to be superstitious about her being capable of manipulating her friends and the cutie marks. If the entire Ponyville decided to question Discord’s intentions since season 3, I don’t know why everyone wouldn’t do the same thing with Starlight considering what she did.

But none of that matters at the end of the day because Starlight’s inconsistent and convinient story still works. Regardless of her actions, everything is going to be ok even if she’s a manipulator sociopath who got away with everything. She knows how to cover bad things up with a good image. And it worked. Because everything will be ok at the end of each episode, like nothing ever happened before. Because Starlight doesn’t have bad intentions, of course not, give her a break. She has many friends, she lives in a fine castle, she has a teacher that unquestionably respects her and she doesn’t have big problems, just little problems that she can easily solve. And she’s the seventh main character of a successful animated TV show.

All that without changing her toxic mentality and attitude. She eventually got what she wanted by not changing herself for the better. Kinda like Cutie Map from the season 5.

The TV show made that extremely crystal clear as frequently as possible.

Starlight is the main character, so that means she’s gonna be viewed as a great respected heroine despite being a selfish, manipulator, petty, powerful, and evil sociopath.

Which I think it’s kinda the point, right? The fact that everyone look at one character with good eyes because that is the main character despite his or her attitude, because we want to be identified with that character. He or she is the main hero, so of course people wanna find that relatable. I wanna admire the main character at whatever cost.

Leonard Heofstadter, the main character of The Big Bang Theory, has done a lot of bad things in the show, such as hiding women he slept with so Penny wouldn’t find that suspicious. Or ruining some research done in the Antarctica and lying about it. Or being too jealous because one of his friends went into outer space. But, like Starlight Glimmer, none of that matters because he has a good ending. He has a good job, women like him, he’s married with the woman of his dreams (despite that none of these characters has shown any signs of love, respect or kindness to their friends during the entire show) and he doesn’t have huge problems. Both characters are toxic. Both characters don’t learn from their mistakes because there’s absolutely zero consequences on their actions. but that doesn’t matter because they’re the main characters from TV shows where continuity doesn’t matter.

Starlight also reminds me of Superman from Man of Steel, because, despite being a destructive hypocrite character, everyone is too forgiving to him. But the problem of that film is that, while the dialogue explicitly says that Superman is the new hope of humanity, his characters actions show him as a destructive alien with the power of destroy the world, not a heroic person. This is a constant feeling during the entire movie, but the last sequence where he destroyed a satelite shows the final word of Superman: “Don’t watch me. If I help you, I help you because I want to, screw you”.

It’s basically “I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I want”. And nobody would stop him because he’s Superman.

And the fact that the most commented thing about this film is that “the actions sequences are cool, stop complaining” says a lot about the discussion about the film and the filmmakers in Warner Bros.

Starlight Glimmer reminds me of all the Sonic videos created and written by Aurk, the YouTube personality, where we see an antagonistic character that repeats the same unfunny jokes, tries to be hip and tries to manipulate anyone just to get what he wants or kill anyone who doesn’t agree with or start begging for their freedom. The difference is that all these videos are intentional.

We could say the same thing about Trixie. What was a character who only appeared in two episodes from seasons 1 and 3 ended up being not only an integral of Starlight episodes, but also a jerk who doesn’t learn her lesson, especially after watching A horse shoe in. kinda like Starlight.

All I’m gonna say is this: If the point was to intentionally transform a dangerous selfish villain that I don’t trust into an absolute saint that I should admire without fully committing to that transformation in an organic and consistent way, just to talk about empathy and redemption during many seasons at a point where you already did that before and better without solely depending on magic or power fantasy as the main gimmick (such as Luna Eclipsed, One Bad Apple, Crusaders of the Lost Mark and the MLP film), while maintaining an outdated statu quo where nobody questions her actions, her attitude, her power to manipulate everyone and her hypocrisy for many many years just because she’s one of the main characters, then I really only have one damn thing left to say.

The show made me love the Mane 6. Legend of Everfree made me love Sunset Shimmer. Crusaders of the Lost Mark made me love Diamond Tiara. The MLP film made me go back to love the show, especially Twilight Sparkle and Tempest Shadow. And Starlight… First, skepticism. Then, frustration. Now, nothing.

I’m not mad at Starlight. I just thought she was better than this.

And because of that, I am disappointed.

PD: I don’t wanna get too negative. The take I’m giving here is probably not one that you’ll see other people (especially the big active people) in the fandom making, but I feel it needs to be said. I just want to clarify 3 things.

1. Despite the problems, I really like the show. Some of these episodes are very rewatchable. And considering how The Last Problem was written, I’m so happy with the ending that I don’t think I should be worried about the flaws of Friendship is Magic. I just wanted to talk about the problems one last time and never think of them again.

2. All the stuff I said about Starlight doesn’t mean that the Starlight fans have less right to like her. If you love Starlight, go for it. More power to you. So please don’t disrespect other people just because they are some disagreements.

3. I said this before, but I think it’s a rule of thumb: Praising a character or a story just "because it wants to say something to us" is a pretty boring way to talk about movies, shows, books or videogames. It's also equally important to talk about what stories might say in an unintentional way.
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