Naming Background Ponies Thread!

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@Background Pony #0903

The (missing) description of that picture provides some context.
This particular pony doesn’t have a real name, but is just known by its original designer, manga artist Mizuno Junko. The original version of the pony was displayed at the 2008 Pony Project exhibit and was sold at auction for charity afterwards. It was then redesigned for release as a regular-size art pony.

(They added more flowers, changed the hair colour, simplified the left pattern, and changed the right pattern, though it’s still a Junko-style girl on the side. Just her hair now resembles tentacles. Kind of an odd list of changes.)

As for her place in the current ponyverse, I don’t see her or most of the other art ponies out of place in Photo Finish’s entourage, considering their designs.

Not sure if we should name that one…

This seems like a pretty complex design for a background pony. Are we sure this isn't a pony version of an animator/writer/someone else from the show staff?
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