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With my new comp up and running Ive finally been able to play Witcher 3.
a lot of the loot seems more random then it should.
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How does Sega have fans when they only made one successful console in their lives?
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@Background Pony #EDB5  
>Owns successful franchises like Sonic  
>Arcade classics like Streets of Rage, Afterburner, Gunstar Heroes, Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe  
>House of the Dead  
>Jet Set Radio  
>Super Monkey Ball  
>Panzer Dragoon  
>Phantasy Star  
>Valkyria Chronicles  
>Shining Force  
>Virtua Fighter  
>Goddamn Yakuza  
>A plethora of Platinum IPs like Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Madworld/Anarchy Reigns  
>Atlus(Which includes SMT and Persona)
What a dumbass take
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For a while, I’ve had the urge to play an old game from my childhood. Now, I finally have the means to fulfill this desire.
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They’re little bugs, then they become not so little, then they infect other creatures, who evolve by fusing after getting enough kills, then evolve again by getting kills, and sometimes their dead bodies burst into more monsters or little bugs, and sometimes they summon monoliths that poison the landscape and if you let too much time pass they summon bigger monsters, and a boss if you let one get to ‘level 3’.
Really best that you see the video. It’s in beta, but damn good already.
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