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Pokemon General [SFW, No NSFW]

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I’ve been picking abilities for Pokemon in my Anime AU. I gave a Sneasel an ability they can’t have, and I almost gave one to Dawn’s Pachirisu.
The sharp claw pokemon doesn’t get tough claw seriously?
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Sneasel is more speed than power is true.
When I did my noevorun of Pokemon Pearl the thing was speedy but didn’t have the defense to take out Cynthia’s Garchomp.
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I’ve just soaked Flannery’s team and earned the Flame Badge. Next stop: Petalburg, where my daddy awaits.
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Badge numero cinco is mine! But first, I need to make a pit stop in Route 115.
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My team as of April 26:
Cosplay Pikachu (Jessica)  
Sandshrew (Lucy)  
Jigglypuff (Lori)  
Crobat (Brock)  
Swampert (Charlie)  
Mightyena (Maple)  
Linoone (Adrien)  
Beautifly (Vince)  
Pelipper (Jasmine)  
Kirlia (Homer)  
Breloom (Stan)  
Hariyama (Eugene)  
Aron (Jack)  
Numel (Trish)  
Lunatone (Ron)  
Glalie (Sofia)  
Latias (Elena)
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