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They announced a new model with an aluminum frame, so people stopped buying the old model with steel frame. With little money coming in, they couldn’t finish the new model and went bankrupt.
Background Pony #AA1F
To be fair helical magazines like these get jammed frequently. The Calico and PP-19 Bizon are examples. I do get that they do have more ammo but seems very impractical. Also the gun seems overly forward-heavy with that magazine, though I presume it has a folding stock.
To not mention that the ones supposed to use these kind of weaponry are, as far as I read; Kim Jong Un’s personal guards and special forces, both of which seem really bad to have a jam in the first place.
But at least it seems decently workable. I’m not sure if the same can be said about their ‘Anti Tank Grenade Launcher/AT Rifle’:

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