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556 doesn’t have enough range to be a cartridge for a “sniper” weapon. You can build a 556 gun that is more accurate and has a scope or an LPVO, but the range will be limited anyway by bullet drop and the transonic barrier. This is why the military does not bother, as far as I know. Only hobbyists play with this kind of thing.
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True, DMR is a thing. On paper they are specced for like 600-700m effective range.
EDIT: Actually that’s enough for police snipers, so I guess you can have a 556 sniper rifle after all.
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What happens to the firearms of sentenced or dead criminals that were found on said criminal at the time of Police encounter?
Do Police Departments dismantle them or eventually give them to Gunshops, (if said weapon can be legally purchased in the first place), to re-sell?
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LaRue Tactical has released C-Note, a new, revolutionary rifle sight.

Vaguely gun related:
UF Pro has released new tactical pants, P-40 Tactical Lederhosen. They are nicely complimented by Linderhof-Taktik chest rig, Harness Edelweiß BY732.
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Pretty much. The theory behind bullpups is fine, but implementation absolutely sucked. Like why is there carbine versions of them? The entire point of them was that they could replace both carbines for vehicle crews and support soldiers and the main infantry rifles combat soldiers carried…yet they still created shorter versions which defeated the purpose of implementing them in the first place.
It can be, but it doesn’t serve much good when switching shoulders when going round a left corner.
While I consider FN overrated, I appreciate that both the F2000 and the P90 were at least designed to take into account the aforemented shoulder-switching. The only downside to the P90’s design is that it requires some goofy magazine geometries…which limits your choice for ammo since the majority of cartridges are slightly tapered in order to aid in extraction, meaning that straight magazines will have trouble feeding reliably.
I tend to be of the opinion that P90-style bullpups would work fine with pistol-caliber cartridges, but would need custom cartridges for intermediate calibers and above.
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