Fetishes [NSFW]

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In Vino Veritas
I’ve never been with a flat chested girl.
Well, I suppose technically I have. The Chinese girl I dated had natural A’s, but she had breast implants that put her in the low C range. And she had a pretty plump ass for a tiny Chinese girl.
Biggest I’ve been with was an G-Cup. She was positively massive. Big black girl, had to be 300ish pounds. But her tits weren’t her biggest feature. That would go to her gargantuan ass.
I hugged her ass once to be cute and I legitimately struggled to get my arms completely around her hips.
I legit had to spread her ass, physically with my hands, and wedge myself in for anal. I am not a “small” man by any means, last measure put me around 11. To give you a visual, when I slid in between her cheeks, to the point my inner thighs pressed on her ass cheeks, I was only tip deep.
And before you ask, no she was never on top. As fun as it looks in hentai to have a huge woman on top, it actually is kinda dangerous. You bounce out once on a downthrust and you’ll break your dick on her ass. And fractured pelvis is a thing.

One of the rarest fetishes is extremely skinny ponies. Like this:
I really don’t know why they are so underrepresented. We have so many super obese ponies with all sorts of fetishes (getting stuck, force feeding, swimming, dragging heavy belly, etc.). But for some reason their opposite is almost never found.
You could say that anorexia is an extremely unhealthy phenomenon, but we have hundreds of well-represented unhealthy fetishes: gore, belly bursting, drowning, asphyxia, crashing, quadruple amputee… lots of them.
Why are skinny ponies so unpopular among artists?
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