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I like this idea of little red ridding hood taming the wolf (it was an addition that the wolf was sissy)
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This OC is what sparked my interest in being a sub. Meet GaleCrowley’s “Contessa” (aka Penny Pynch).
The Contessa is a thrill-seeking erotic villianess with strong mind control powers located in her boobs. So strong are her powers that just being near her boobs is enough to begin the process. She lactates a special kind of milk that, when ingested, makes a girl’s chest grow in size and lactate herself (with similar effects for the relevant part on guys). The victim’s milk then reproduce the effects, and they become obsessed with boobs and with ‘spreading’ the infection to others. The Contessa’s powers manifest in a variety of ways, from pheromones, to glowing nipples, and the already-mentioned milk. Certain other fluids she produces also have mind-control properties as well.
The victim, once infected, can then hear the Contessa in their thoughts, something the Contessa uses to wear down their resistance and break them further. She loves nothing more than the thrill of turning a mighty superhero into a busty, horny tart. She also keeps on-hand a number of CDs and audio tracks with recordings of her voice that she uses to make victims submit. Two things drive her; perversion and thrill-seeking. Despite her perversion, she has some lines she won’t cross - no children, for example. But as she utterly hates boredom and enjoys the thrill of being a villain, it seems unlikely she could turn to the light. She once tried to give up her villainous ways before the boredom settled in and became insufferable for her. Another thing she likes is her freedom; she’s been known to lash out against people who try to restrain her, such as one unfortunate scientist. She’s also acquired a Dimensional Interfacer that lets her travel dimensions so she can corrupt more heroes.

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