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Can any Canadians here tell me about motion 103? Is it really illegal or soon to be illegal to criticize Islam in Canada? Or is that more exaggeration/fearmongering?

They did not specify on what exactly "Islamiphobia" is. Critics are concerned it might also include criticisms and opinions against Islam, stifling free speech and expression.

Look, we live in the 21st century. Blasphemy laws or anything like it should no place in western societies. Why can't we all agree to disagree?

Plus there are already long established laws in this country that made it unlawful to discriminate against people of all religions. Why is there need for another law against "Islamiphobia"?
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I treat all religions as if they were nothing but delusional cults full of mental patients. I'm an equal opportunity offender. If you talk to some man in the sky about how great you are, you don't get any quarter from me.
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I use to be a hardcore christian, Sunday church, 2 prayers a day, all that jazz. However, I Also had great respect for science and all the hardwork men and women put into discovering our origins and the natural laws of the world.

Eventually, when I turned 17, I was no longer able to reconcile Religion and science and After reading some Richard Dawkins, chose to become an atheist. Of course, being a teenager I thought this made me inherently smarter then anyone who still believed in god and would snark on them mercilessly, Which I thankfully grew out of.

Religion has no place in politics or science, (especially islam) but that doesn't mean people who still believe Can't be treated with some respect in everyday life.

It's because they see them as an oppressed minority and thus another group to cater to and add to their voting base despite how terribly they mix with others. You put a bunch of staunch Qur'an-thumping Muslims in the same area as a group of vocal LGBT rights activists or hardcore 3rd-wave feminists and they would get along just as well as snakes and mongeese.
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Almost Everyone was a theist back then. It was the cultural norm. Their personal beliefs have nothing to do with the Awesomemess or legitimacy of their work and discoveries. It was their hardwork and dedication that got them their breakthroughs.
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@Mr grump
Let me put it this way. My stepfather is the only man on Earth worthy enough for me to call dad. My biological father was nothing but a stain on my life for so long that I wanted nothing to do with him. The only reason I am even CONSIDERING letting him back into my life (which he left of his own accord leaving my mother to raise me alone) is because of how much he has helped these past few days.
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