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Standing against the EU Article 13. #saveyourinternet

Background Pony #7566
Look, I know it’s bad, But nothing apocalyptic  
But still questionable enough to be stopped

@Key Sharkz  
Which is why I’m surprised that people here aren’t talking about Article 13 more.
I cannot believe how much of the internet community is ignoring this threat.
Background Pony #7566
Got a little carried away there, I have pretty bad emotional issues,  
Anyways, If you live in Europe, Just contact your MEP in the best, most mature way possible (That means NO threats of any kind, Threats make things worse). But if you can’t get in contact, sign a petition.
Background Pony #7566
As for the UK (The final vote is rumored to happen in Late March/Early April, With Brexit in between) I’d recommend just keeping a close eye on it

@Background Pony #2643  
I’ve been spreading the word around mostly by passing the petition I opened this thread with.
That seems like an okay way to get the word out.
It offers a solution to the problem and encourages people to share it.
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