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Standing against the EU Article 13. #saveyourinternet

Background Pony #7566
You see  
People have an emotional connection to something as big as the Internet, If one thing happens to it, they go berserk
Background Pony #7566
Emotional connections are both good and bad, Good because it can give you joy, Baf because it can bring out the worst in people
Background Pony #7566
4 million signatures so far  
I’ll guess it will reach 6 million in a few weeks

@Background Pony #2643  
I remember when Pewdiepie gave a shout out and made it jump at least 100,000 within a day and a half.
If Jontron, Egoraptor, IHE, AVGN, GradeAUnderA, Angry Joe, Jim Sterling, Sargon Of Akkad and every other popular youtuber all gave a shout out, then it’d be easily at 10 million by now.
Hopefully this is what exactly happens during February.
Background Pony #7566
I want these protests to be peaceful  
We don’t want another “Yellow Vests”

Monday’s trilogue has been cancelled because EU countries could not agree on a new text, which does make Article 13 and 11 less likely to pass but the threat is not gone.
Keep spreading the word.
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