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Finish each other's sentences

Background Pony #89CE
double negatives, because that is so confusing.  
Someone get me a RAM truck so I can…
Background Pony #B2A9
Mac crashing isn’t one of them.
If Twilight was friends with Izzy…

The Hell?
Things would’ve turned out differently.
Everybody’s working for the weekend  
Everybody wants a new romance  
Everybody’s going off the deep end  
Everybody needs…
Background Pony #D13F
A little love and care.
Rainbow Dash met up with Firefly the other day and…
Background Pony #89CE
one with the warrior inside. The evidence can’t be denied. The entire world will stare into this battlefield tonight. As he stands before you with the warrior’s heart now…
Background Pony #AAB0
chopper and a pilot and I’ll handle it.  
Set sail on concrete waves. No survivors left to save. Too late for the…
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