European Union may pass law that could lead to this site being unusable

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Does this mean I don’t need to frantically save all my favorite pictures now?
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@Lord Seraph
Literally the democratic law-making process of the EU as such. Let’s summarize yesterday’s results.
  1. The proposal for these two draft proposals came through in its very own committee only marginally with one vote majority. And yesterday’s vote was only possible because the necessary minimum (75) of MoP’s had been protested until deadline midnight last Tuesday.
  2. The result of this election not only means that the laws are not immediately adopted (with finale vote end of the year), they must also be amended. That’s what the draft legislation says. In a way, to prevent the same proposal from being tabled over and over and over again.
  3. Resistance is already forming. Although very quiet and so far not very effective for the media. I’m not quite sure why. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume that the print media lobby (which, together with the music industry lobby, is the main cause of these two laws) is trying to make it as small as possible. But hey, we don’t want to accuse such a powerful lobby of concealment tactics, influence and perhaps corruption, do we? ;-)
    Edit: Of course the lobbies will try it again, that’s for sure. But it won’t be that easy for them. That’s actually all I want to say. ;-D
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yet at the same time I can understand his point of view. After all there is alot of music that has been uploaded to websites like Youtube that allow songs to be downloaded without any credit or payment to the original artists. So from a business stand point, particularly the musical industry. He wants to make sure his work is preserved and I cant really blame him for it. Im sure alot of Artists like Prince had similar feelings when it came to THEIR personal intellectual property. While the way to go about it was messed up and could have lead to lots of problems, in the end they did still have a valid point that should be considered. What we need to do is think of away to properly protect that intellectual property, that wont cause massive havoc upon the internet. Unfortunately, with the way the net itself is structured, thats just about impossible. These extreme measures are just about the only real way for artists be they musicians, drawing, painting, animating, or programing, to find real safety for their intellectual property. Im glad to see this particular law was passed aside, but I cant help but feel for the people behind the works that are getting toasted by how free spread their work has become.
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In September, the plan is that the EU will try to fix it so it can appeal to both the opposition and supporters
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@Background Pony #10DD
Just a friendly suggestion that next time you can put all the replies into a single post instead of making an individual post for each one of them; in that way it’d be easier to read and it wouldn’t occupate so much space in the thread.

just for the sake of brevity, they’re not SJWs, they’re under the impression that the European Union is the United States of Europe.
What? I don’t understand what you mean.
SJWs are the “Useful Idiot” army the Globalists created by having SJWs hijack the education system, Hollywood, and the college system. The Globalists want to ban memes because memes were used to counter Hillary’s fake-news propaganda during the 2016 election.
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there’s no globalists, these people you might be talking about never believed in anything in their entire lives, what you’re talking about is people who want to keep their cushy positions/seats, as well as any relations they got going.
also, if you can’t keep your conspiracy theories for a thread that is about that, then disregard everything that I said and with all due respect, fuck off.
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Isn’t Russia the only country so far to have actively banned memes, anyways? (I seem to recall specifically that they couldn’t “misrepresent politicians” in any way.)
I can understand his point as well, though I also like Weird Al’s position on the whole “internet uploads” of music thing, though his main issue with songs being shared on the internet was that a lot of parody songs that he didn’t do were misattributed to him.
You might want to lay off the Breitbart and InfoWars for a while, as well as avoiding any sites in the lower right-hand or lower left-hand corners of this image:  
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