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Actually, just meat cooking and associated beverages in general would probably be a better subject.
I’ll start off with a confession: I am crap at grilling meat. I can do just about anything else–stewing, smoking, flash-frying, roasting, whatever. But putting me in front of a grill is a waste of good steak.
Also, and I’d never confess this except as a background pony, I’m not a big fan of game meat unless it’s slow-cooked. Maybe wild hog, yeah, but venison steak is an atrocity.
Finally: dear Americans, you know I love you, but all your beer tastes like piss except your microbrewed craft beers. Those taste like piss with added hops.
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but venison steak is an atrocity.
Round where I come from that sentence would be punctuated by the sound of a dozen or so sharp implements appearing all at once.
Venison is the meat of the gods. I will not hear anyone say otherwise.
That said, a decently matured hunk of beef will always win…
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You know, it could just be that I’ve just never had decent venison. The whitetail around here are tiny and scrawny, and the people who’ve cooked it for me were pretty lax on the timing.
I’d give it another try, but I’m not sure what to do with all the other cuts. I like a lot of fat in my burgers and stews.
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Definitely rabbit, if you have them where you are.  
They’re very easy to skin and clean, and you can cook them a lot like chicken. Plus you can use your 22 or a trap, and you don’t have to worry about poaching laws (except in some hippie states where they have laws deliberately designed to fuck people).
Young ones are great for frying, especially breaded and deep fried with some seasoning (paprika, oregano, red & black pepper, garlic powder, sage, thyme, etc.). Southerners often marinade it in buttermilk and sometimes hotsauce for texture and colour.
Older ones are fantastic in a Mediterranean-style stew with tomato. They don’t have much fat, so it helps to add bits of cheap bacon ends. Stew’s also the best way to use the organs–the liver and kidneys add a lot of flavour.  
There’s a lot of ways to cook rabbit, but those two are my favourites.
Best advice is to do your research, and know what you’re getting into. My first time preparing a rabbit I actually followed a tutorial video on my phone.  
Whatever you do, though, don’t use a shotgun, even if it’s mandated by law in your area; the horrible steel shot the fucking EPA forced on us breaks teeth.
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So, uh, you do realize you have your own thread where you can battle the evils of hunting, right?
(also, if you wanted this thread to only have one post, then why on earth would you draw attention to it?)
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Every attempt I’ve made to go hunting or at least camping almost always ends in goddamn flooding.
Anyway, does anyone here ever see folks still using good old arrows for big predator hunting?
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