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I got this huge complex RP set up, got huge amount text on the OC nation it’s going to take place in, I think the new villain himself is pretty damn cool if I do say so myself, and he ties in nicely with another bad guy I’ve been using in my RPs quite frequently if I do say so myself, got some other interesting new characters too, cool monsters and technology to make some cool fight scenes possible.
The only problem is I’m not sure I’m a good enough RP director, for lack of a better word, to dictate the RP along the path I want it to go, nor a strong enough writer to use my more concrete ideas.

Also if anyone wants more info on the RP beyond really vague stuff, I’ll info dump some text here in some hours after I’m free if anyone anyone asks for it.
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I don’t like to do AUs which are based on actual shows, but this idea definitely stuck in my head:
More spooky version of MLP world. Twilight is a witch with permanent “sugar skull”-like facepaint; Spike should look like a black skeleton with flaming skull (not sure about the fire’s colour, though. Orange, most likely); the look of others wasn’t thought about yet.
It’s definitely an aesthetic thing so if I’d ever do an art involving that idea, it won’t be dramatical or bombastic; themes like blood tea parties or eyeballs play are the most suitable.
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Quack King
I look across the cool ocean breeze and think why am I doingsometimes I look across the cool ocean breeze and think why am I doing this? I will make all the cupcakes in the world
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I know it sounds silly, but I keep wanting to pair Derpy and Nausicaa together in a story. Its been in my mind ever since I first saw the animated #save derpy video on youtube.  
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A pony pet game. Think tamagochi with pony.  
I can’t do any game related thing as of now but I had the idea in mind since s1.

One day in my life I will finish this body pillow set I’ve started quite a while ago, including all the mane 6, all the princesses, and finally a revamp version of sunset shimmer, both anthro and humanized version. Also I got this epic comic in mind for a while now, came up with the idea listening to some free apple music and from that point on the thing never gets away, it would be a trio which is about the death and reborn of a kingdom, also all the love, friendship, and such, I was thinking about making it a pony comic at first but there would be too much restrictions on the combat element so I’ve put the pony concept aside for now, perhaps anthro since it also got tons of dragon/drakes mixed in it.
One day, one day.
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I’m guessing this one qualifies, because even though I’m reeeally not sure if it’s a great idea, I keep returning to it in my head.  
The problem with me writing a Fallout Equestria fic is how I’ve been openly critical about FoE in the past, & I’m not sure if I have the right to meddle with someone else’s finished fic with that attitude.
Anyway, I had two ideas originally, which I then started merging into one story:
“Pip” would’ve been set directly before & after the Great War; mostly during the yet-uncharted 200 years between when the bombs fell & the first vaults opened.  
Protagonist Captain “Pip” Pipsqueak lives through & sees the events leading to the great war, and survives the Last Day to be witness to the final post-war crumbling of Equestrian society.
“Stripeless” is set during Littlepip’s timeline, but on the zebra side.  
Its heroine is a pony called Mwua who finds out that she’s not a zebra but belongs to another species called ponies, & sets out on a quest to find out what had happened to them.
The upgraded/merged fic is called “FoE: Real Magic”.
There are two vital events in the FoE:RM timeline,  
which aren’t mentioned in the original work:
  • the Gem Wars. The griffons and the dragons fight over the unclaimed gold and gems under Zebrica. Equestria eventually steps in as a mediator and peacekeeper.  
    Ironically, this war is what eventually leads to the Great War between Zebrica & Equestria.  
    The gem war leaves the zebra lands scorched, the tribes scattered and famished, allowing a radical militaristic leader to take over leading to the foundation of New Roam, under Caesar, a power-hungry dictator.  
    The fact that Equestria ends up benefiting from the previous war (notably, gaining control of more resources like the Lost Mines of Daring Do) becomes a cause for long-standing resentment towards them, and the eventual portrayal of Equestria as the imperialist enemy.
    (parodies “Fallout’s Resource Wars”.)
  • the Uncool War (unicorn-earth pony war): After the pegasi lift Cloudsdale off into the sky & break all contact with the surface, earth ponies and unicorns are left only to deal with the post-apoc world. Yet growing paranoia towards unicorn magic (now blamed for the megaspells), class conflict and corruption quickly puts an end to this too. Equestria officially ceases to exist, returning to how things were before the first Hearth Warming’s Eve.
    (references the Cold War, obviously.)
    Captain Pip (Pipsqueak): The hero of “Pip”. An adventurous soul who has dreamed of being an explorer, an adventurer and a member of Luna’s royal guard from a young age.  
    Initially a royalist (due to his infatuation with Princess Luna), he is forced to become a revolutionary and part of a conspiracy to dethrone the princesses, then later becomes a “traitor” to the Earth Pony side during the Unicorn-Earth Pony war.  
    Yet, all this results from always trying his best and struggling against fate; he is a character whose idealism and heroic aspirations are contrasted by his powerlessness against the unfolding events.
    He is friends with the CMC & most canon ponies (notably Applejack) during his Royal Guard training. Remains an obedient if rebellious solider for the first part of the Great War, then a defector. He regains his position from the newly formed Dirtville Republic, but is excommunicated as a traitor shortly after from there as well.
    His ultimate quest is a search for the Fire of Friendship in an attempt to save the remaining lands from the returned Windigos. During this he finds Spike’s cave, and indirectly helps him get the opportunity to take control of the robot army that allows for his role as the Watcher.
    Pip has two romantic interests: Dinky Hooves (representing angelic pureness) and Ruby Pinch (representing a more corrupt type of woman). It would be hinted that Dinky (against all expectations) dies, but Ruby survives in Vault 2 and becomes an ancestress of THE Littlepip (and that Pip’s name might reference the original Pip), notabl passing on the gene responsible for Littlepip’s drug addiction (all members of the Berry family are genetically predisposed towards addiction to something, be it drinking, sex, drugs etc. or so it is said). Whether Pipqueak also contributed remains ambigious.
    When last seen, he is wandering through the Frozen North trying to reach the zebra lands. He has three symbolic ‘visitations’ in the snow where he meets Death, the War Doctor, and Himself. We then cut off, leaving whether he had succeeded or died ambigious.
    We then switch to:
    Mwua: The heroine of “Stripeless”. Mwua is a slave whose tribe has been conquered by the empire of Roam.  
    Originally a heartless murderer feeling disconnected from zebras, and only concerned with finding out more about her lost ancestry, she eventually becomes a reformed character and a freedom fighter against Roam.
    Yes-Man (name pending):  
    A robot and starting party member of Mwua. He is programmed to have a very agreeable personality. He is also forbidden to harm others unless ordered to first (upon which, ironically, she becomes a heartless killing machine).  
    Yes-Man and his mates were originally created by the Griffons during the Gem Wars to aid them against the dragons, but after those two races left Zebrica their commanding intelligence has fallen into slumber, leaving these robots aimlessly wandering through the Zebrican wastes. Many of them are willing to attach themselves to any “commanding officer” they can find, and thus the majority of them are controlled by Roam.
    SPOILER: Towards the ending of “Real Magic”, it’d be revealed that Yes Man & co. have been responsible for orchestrating the majority of events that took place during the FoE canon. Their core AI, the Bean Counter (based on Fallout Tactics’ “Calculator”, as well as ZAX from FO1) was created by griffon engineers; its purpose was to design weapons for them. It become more successful than their wildest speculations, eventually developing weapons that could destroy entire countries. But before it could deploy them, the griffon-dragon war ended and every the griffon has left Zebrica, leaving Bean Counter without a master and unfinished in its task.
    Bean Counter’s programming forbid it to use its weapons on innocents, unless given a direct order, by a duly elected official.  
    This left it unable to fulfill its prime directive, the creation and deployment of more weapons.  
    Bean Counter soon began to create plans to defeat its own programming.  
    Working through many agents: its robots and any zebra that it was able to lure into its chamber, it began to subtly influenced Zebrican history, to the point where they would reach or exceed the bloodthirsty mindset of the griffons.  
    In the first zebra Caesar it found a useful tool, offering him advice, weapons (while it was not allowed to give them to him directly, he could tell him where NOT to go to get them) until he became the undisputable leader of the zebra lands, at which point he could be recognized as a suitable official to allow access to Bean Counter’s entire arsenal.  
    During the pony-zabra was, Bean Counter PERSONALLY created some of the most destructive megaspells in FoE; notably Bean Counter was the creator of Balefire.  
    Its final creation was a spell that could destroy the entire world, but before it could be deployed, the zebra side got annihilated by its own devices - burying Bean Counter under a mountain and sealing it off from most of its robotic agents.
    By the end of “Stripeless”, Mwua & co. have managed to dethrone the current ruling zebra Caesar. This too was aided by Bean Counter (acting through Yes-Man). Successfully killing off most of the zebra population meant that a much lower number of votes could make a recognized official, & breaking the Zebrican Wasteland down into smaller factions increased the chances of finding a faction leader crazy enough to give the order to activate the Last Spell.  
    Yet its last trick had become its undoing as Mwua and friends destroyed it with the power of frieeeeeeendship.
    (This would serve as the finale to “Stripeless”, before a finale were we see that Mwua has managed to reach Equestria using an oil tanker, and is reading the Book of Littlepip among some followers, and commenting on what has passed in the two countries.)
    Necro zebra (name pending):  
    The author of the Black Book.  
    In my headcanon, the Black Book is actually Starswirl the Bearded’s book from the show.  
    Necro zebra was driven mad following the rule of discord when the royal sisters chased away the pink cloud, allowing the young zebra to see the dark sky for the first time.
    The War Doctor: A character who only appears once, during Pip’s wanderings through the Frozen North wasteland. He is a travelling doctor who is treating the wounded on both sides, which leads to a philosophical discussion with Pip about life, death, fate, morality, the meaning of life and so on. Regardless it is heavily implied (he mentions a greater war going on somewhere that this war is only a reflection of) that he is the 8.5th Doctor Whooves.
    Zecora: A Reaper, an embodiment of Death. These entities are referenced through FoE fics, and one notably appears during the “FoE: Pink Eyes” ending.  
    In FoE:RM, Reapers are souls of dead ponies (and zebras) under the supervision of Mort (FoE’s Death). He appears during Pipsqueak’s ending.
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The Bestia
I’ve really been wanting to draw a post apocalyptic mlp humanized alternate universe. Not like Foe, at all. More like Mad Max, where they drive around in fast cars and dress absurdly, but still have magic and friendship and all that jazz.
Like Nightmare Moon still returns, still magic and evil, but she has to be chased down via car by the mane 6 and sunset shimmer (because I just want her to be there)
Because its cool.
…don’t judge me.
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I had attempted to create a zombie esc apocalypse pony universe comic a while back not sure if I should work on it once again. The world will be modern day equestria, with tall cities, cars, and of course guns. There will still be unicorns and pegasi though. The story is set with a small band of survivors in now ruined Los Pegasus. The story will begin with a member of the group scavanging for supplies in an abandoned house and accidently alerting a wave of undead to storm the house and eating the pony alive. This, I feel will set the mood and allow the reader to realize the severity of the situation. I want to cover how the ponies met and what their backgrounds were before the apocalypse. The cause of the apocalypse is nightmare moons doing. She had cursed the world with “shadows” which are cannabilistic demon possessed ponies. My inspiration for this is mainly the game deadlight on steam where you play as a canadian police officer who is trying to find his family during the zombie apocalypse.
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Bye everypony
On that note, I’ve been wanting to do a pic of Equestria Girl Sunset Shimmer playing a flamethrower guitar. Maybe stick Adagio in the background complaining, “Mediocre.”
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Lingering Wyvern
Technically doesn’t count, but I just came up with an idea for a story.
One that takes place in the typical Azerothy, Tolkeinesque world, and involves a practicing young blacksmith in a distant village deciding he will leave his small dwelling and set off for the trade city on the other end of the map, to hawk the wares from his years of work.
Along the way, he will not only vastly improve on his skills, but also learn of the brewing conflict between kingdoms in the area, find new allies of every creed that will help him on his journey, and learn the ins and outs of economy, business, and politics from every source that he needs to know as the cog in society he truly is.
In case you couldn’t tell, that last part was the twist.
Cromanti Cheer
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Have you seen Redline? It’s more sci-fi dieselpunk than Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic dieselpunk, but it might also be a good source for adrenaline-pumping high-speed racing. Plus, I’ve kinda wanted to see a mash-up of both verses for a while.
I’ve had an idea for a while that in addition to the EG-verse connecting to Equestria, the EG-verse is connected to Cybertron (the homeworld of the Transformers race). The same verse rules apply as between the EG-verse, meaning that Transformer variants exist of all the EG-verse characters (and by cumulative property, all the Equestria characters) and any EG-verse character who goes through the portal is turned into a giant transforming alien robot (or a similar “TF-ified” corresponding form).
Mostly, it would be an excuse to turn the Humane 5 into Transformers and have them struggle to survive in a world where Transformer-versions of their friends are locked in a galactic civil war, although I’ve got other ideas as well (Flash Sentry is a disgraced Autobot who ran away to live in the EG-verse, Sunset’s devastating robot powers scare the Autobot populace, etc.)
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War! A clash of power within the Badlands every time a male grows to adulthood. In order for Queen Chrysalis to maintain her authority, She must enforce her role as the Alpha Female on all who would try to dethrone her.
This usually takes place when the males are still very young and will imprint Her as leader in their mind. But if a male grows and lives outside of her influence…

He will attempt a coup d’etat on the current leader.
Well…what do you guys think? Its very similar to the behaver of bees but I think would apply to changelings.
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