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Read The Bridge: Sound of Thunder

Starlight's face flushed with adrenaline after she screamed, her eyes slamming shut and her form disappearing in a green flash. Reappearing several feet behind Raiga, the unicorn was about to run when the siren snapped around amongst crackling energy. Raiga didn't know if she should be angry or confused. Usually most Mutations allies were prideful or brutish before they were cowards. This was new.

"Hey get back here! I'm talkin' to you!"

Starlight Glimmer scrambled back, terrified tears blotting her vision and flowing down her cheeks.

She could hear her pulse pounding in her ears. The unicorn's horn began to spark and glow in a counterattack, but before anything could happen, a magic blast shot over Raiga's shoulder and hit Starlight's horn. The unicorn shrieked and fell to the ground, convulsing from the shock as if electrocuted. A slithering voice trailed it, going around Raiga to the left.

"Well well, seems fortune favors the progressive. I come to pick you up, and I end up finding two things we've been looking for."

Raiga froze up, slowly training her vision into the direction of the voice. She both knew and didn't know it. As much as she butted heads with it before, the voice always was characterized by its warmth. The tone was in familiarity, but the feeling was frigid. Her vision granted her the sight of a new pony, one covered in smooth exoskeleton broken up by jagged spines. A crown of horns sat atop a brow as threateningly vibrant wings shimmered in the glowing moonlight.

"Hello there Raiga, just when we were beginning to think Gamera didn't spread the memo."
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