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I've been meaning to do something like this for this idea since forever. Enjoy the poots of my labour.

It was an awkward moment. Or it least it would've been, if it weren't so heart-shattering. The shame couldn't last in the face of her thousand-yard stare, brimming with tears and haunted by an impossible dream.

You knew right then that you needed to do something. It didn't take long for a plan to come to mind.

With a warm and loving smile, you tell her to close her eyes. She looks at you questioningly, but she does what you ask. You feel her relax slightly as you wrap your hands around her forelegs. She enjoys closeness where she can find it.

You ask her to trust you, and she says yes. You hope that she meant it as you solidly plant your feet, brace your legs, and then throw yourself sideways into a spin.

She gasps in shock, clearly startled, but after a moment of weightlessness with the wind flowing through her hair she relaxes once again. Her eyes close, and a smile finds its way onto her lips. It's filled with hope, love, but tinged with an inevitable tragedy.

She knows this isn't flying. But she also knows that right now it's the best you can do. And for her, that gesture is enough.

In her mind she relaxes, and lets herself be carried away by dreams of flying high above a beautiful countryside. You're content with watching the tranquil smile on her face as she drifts into a long-sought-after dream, accompanied by someone she knows will help her towards it every step of the way.
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Why do i have the feeling this will turn into a exploitable meme?