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safe2173574 artist:yulyeen258 berry punch7492 berryshine7492 bon bon18797 button mash4819 colter sobchak149 derpy hooves57492 dj pon-333251 doctor whooves11789 gummy5670 jeff letrotski221 kevin165 lyra heartstrings34096 octavia melody27605 scootaloo58739 sweetie drops18797 time turner11789 vinyl scratch33251 changeling65885 earth pony446006 pegasus496178 pony1601760 unicorn537637 g42027558 season 53745 slice of life (episode)1991 bow (instrument)1058 car8351 cello3143 coma-doof warrior9 donny77 doof wagon13 epic1441 female1801885 flamethrower498 mad max210 mad max fury road107 male550425 mare740577 metal as fuck260 motorcycle1578 muffin 136 musical instrument15204 parody17470 stallion195560 the big lebowski135 the dude48 turntable1309 walter sobchak28 weapon41228 witnessed12 wubcart65


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But to finish off, I can’t help but give credit to the film that not only had a great influence on me as a lover of the traditional animation, but it is truly what I consider Disneys best animated film of all time for its enjoyable story, wonderful animation, incredible voice work, and its beautiful orchestral score.
Background Pony #3E6B
Derpy = Applejack  
Octavia = Twilight  
Bon Bon = Fluttershy  
Lyra = Trixie  
tell me guys, do original actors use to recycle voices as Spanish actors do?