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suggestive191887 alternate version87925 artist:kevinsano3704 princess celestia113404 princess luna117864 anthro363616 unguligrade anthro65838 g42047009 belly button112279 big breasts127546 breasts395494 busty princess luna9942 cake13010 cakelestia1339 cleavage47264 clothes641896 erect nipples17035 exercise922 female1821378 floppy ears73729 frown36540 gym1444 headband5661 huge breasts59093 jump rope212 looking back87759 midriff24671 multiple variants9334 nipple outline11359 nsfworkout656 question mark6858 socks96842 solo1439691 solo female236585 this will end in pain2655 trip118 underboob5155 underhoof69725 wide eyes19975 wing fluff2529


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Princess Luna
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The 1600x1600 was not released outside of patreon anywhere I can find, and kevinsano said the 900x900 version is the correct version, so the image here has been replaced.
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@And Brother I Hurt People  
the dnp list ‘Any and all pay-for content from fandom artists unless publicly and freely released’
freely available? yup but only available at a small size and the only way to obtain any sizes larger than the ones that the artist has posted on any of his galleries is by paying through patreon or getting it by someone leaking it. so technically this would be dnp. now seeing how theres no legit link to prove where the artist has posted these larger images publicly would this not be considered dnp?
And Brother I Hurt People
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@Background Pony #ACA8
One of them simply isn’t coming up no matter how hard I look for it, which is a shame because it’s my favorite version. And I have to check that the other ones aren’t only available at res 2400, because that would be uploading the payable version (which other users on other sites have already done), which would just be shitty of me.

Haha, oops. Hopefully that’s not too regular an occurrence when she jump-ropes. Though one has to wonder how it got coiled in the first place…