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safe2174322 artist:askbubblelee1696 princess celestia112699 twilight sparkle357733 alicorn314116 pony1602460 unicorn537907 g42028874 alternate universe13034 bedroom eyes82150 big crown thingy3165 cute265744 cutelestia4277 element of magic3535 female1802662 high res407836 looking back86534 lying down46719 mare741019 open mouth237514 prone35202 race swap21658 raised hoof69933 role reversal1800 simple background596318 smiling397413 spread wings94513 transparent background284423 twiabetes15286 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149117 unicorn celestia166


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well there was that one fic where it turns out that Twilight is Luna and Celestia’s mother via time travel shenanigans, but yeah, I haven’t seen this premise done nearly as often as you’d think.