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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: full
Dashie: Says the girl who once destroyed my bedroom with a single punt on the wall! (
Maud: A great master once told me an ancient Chinese saying
(D ku, ko xio)  
Great boasting comes small roasting
Don’t forget. You were the one who told me to show off my power. All the bricks you had were destroyed in the demonstration and you were known to be the both the strongest and the most narcissistic fighter in your own school. I had to make you come to your senses somehow…
Dashie: O:< But–! YOU–!!! I just—!
Rainbow Dash: -_-U Oh forget it! This is like talking to a brick stone wall…
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safe2155189 artist:meiyeezhu341 bulk biceps3838 maud pie14845 roid rage338 equestria girls253347 friendship games14285 g42007817 abs15595 breasts385400 buff651 busty maud pie1475 comic134183 construction84 destruction1992 door5488 excited4188 female1781964 fist696 funny5438 humanized118169 humanized ponified human159 martial arts538 metal1122 muscles18652 old master q505 parody17362 punch1574 repairing124 roar348 smock16 stoic88 strength77 traditional art141737 unexpected189 yeah175 yelling4257


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One does not simply “kicks ass”; geotectonic martial arts is both a reformative and chaotic exercise that aims to discipline those who inhabit fervor in their muscles
In other words, one must also mend the ass if it gets broken in a terrible work accident such as this one (which is ironically also constructive)