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This picture was created for an art contest with a 2 hour time limit, with few alterations made to it after it was submitted.

Erhm. "Dream Caused by Eating Magical Moss in the Thicket of the Everfree Forest"

Sweetie Belle version

Trying to imitate one of my favorite artists, who could’t participate in the Art-Battle at the time :P
1 hour.
safe (1378376)artist:hunternif (106)apple bloom (41904)cliff (861)cloud (27536)cloudy (5735)crepuscular rays (2077)dream (1954)earth pony (134325)featured image (674)female (711035)filly (45982)fir tree (21)grass (6519)looking up (10951):o (2958)open mouth (99021)pony (650464)profile (3864)raised hoof (30102)scenery (5779)sky (8861)solo (847623)style emulation (3268)tree (21152)wide eyes (13772)


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