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dead source46159 safe2171645 artist:magnaluna1238 princess luna117061 twilight sparkle357272 alicorn313534 pony1599763 g42026447 alternate hairstyle37830 blushing273469 duo169151 ethereal hair506 ethereal mane13432 ethereal tail2143 eyes closed138719 eyeshadow29946 female1799655 folded wings19829 holding hooves2480 hoof shoes9713 kiss on the lips6404 kissing32477 lesbian117513 lidded eyes47864 looking at someone15850 makeup40205 mare739085 peytral7437 ponytail27025 princess shoes1227 raised hoof69692 ship:twiluna1725 shipping253810 simple background594647 sparkly mane1236 sparkly tail664 spread wings94161 starry mane7128 starry tail991 tail100037 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148965 white background161044 wings222181


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