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Just a little something I’d upload to promote Fallout 4. (I might not have read the ENTIRE series of Fallout Equestria, so if there’s any I left out, please let me know.)

dead source45313 safe2151381 artist:whitepone421 oc934576 oc only678683 oc:aurora borealis68 oc:blackjack3345 oc:boo116 oc:calamity850 oc:double tap45 oc:henrietta firebright18 oc:hired gun133 oc:homage489 oc:lacunae148 oc:littlepip5139 oc:morning glory (project horizons)565 oc:p-21349 oc:paharita58 oc:platinum haze6 oc:psychoshy86 oc:puppysmiles318 oc:rampage333 oc:rita10 oc:scotch tape171 oc:serenity (fallout equestria: heroes)46 oc:steelhooves287 oc:stygius41 oc:velvet remedy1337 oc:xenith174 alicorn309479 earth pony436575 griffon36258 pegasus486688 pony1579258 unicorn527410 zebra23484 fallout equestria22608 fallout equestria: anywhere but here82 fallout equestria: heroes134 fallout equestria: new beginnings11 fallout equestria: pink eyes255 fallout equestria: project horizons3976 alicorn oc36110 armor30764 artificial alicorn526 blue alicorn (fo:e)86 clothes624183 fanfic11340 fanfic art18417 female1777776 group7633 gun20467 handgun4034 hat122421 jumpsuit5498 male541880 mare726548 pipbuck4325 pistol2899 power armor1446 purple alicorn (fo:e)141 stallion191148 vault suit4337 weapon40669


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Pretty much the OGs of Fallout Equestria, they were around during the very beginning.  
Missing Murky Number 7 though
Spectral Flame

No Murky Number Seven? Kinda saddening, but one can’t expect you to have read all the Fallout Equestrias out there. Murky Number Seven is definitely worth a read though. I’ve read Pinks Eyes, Project Horizons, Heros, and (obviously) the original Fallout Equestria. Murky deserves a place among the legends!