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suggestive193555 artist:jaxonian251 apple bloom60901 babs seed6442 twist3182 earth pony521022 pony1641847 ask fapplebloom143 ask fapplebloom 328 g42066315 ahegao34998 applecest2875 bedroom eyes84354 comic137673 cousin incest389 cousins1259 dialogue96422 eyes rolling back4614 female1845799 female orgasm1484 females only17221 filly100697 foal48555 foalcon22311 glasses91234 implied cunnilingus775 implied foalcon1777 implied oral2355 implied scissoring13 implied sex8409 lesbian119845 looking pleasured3312 looking up24845 orgasm19449 prostitution1487 ship:appleseed176 shipping259317 stress relief16 sweat42068 sweatdrop7109 sweating profusely629 tongue out151185 vaginal secretion stain961 vaginal secretions54891 vaginal secretions trail2394


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Background Pony #6D8A
>implied cunnilingus  
>looking pleasured  
When the tags are just right ….
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Chaotic Neutral
I was hoping this would happen.
First words I was expecting form the CMC after learning about the cutie mark was “So…she’s good as scissoring?” Hell, actually said that out loud and got a good chuckle…
Honestly, the joke would of been all too inappropriate for the show…even if they just meant actual scissors.
Excellent work as always.