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"A lot of people commented asking for more fantasy ponies, so I made more!"
safe1680983 artist:whitediamonds478 applejack167860 rarity179558 beard3553 cloak4178 clothes450369 crossover61229 female1340153 floppy ears50895 frown22486 hood1280 hoof hold8150 leaning3506 lesbian95280 lord of the rings539 messy mane7623 rain5987 rarijack6973 rarijack daily238 rearing5577 shipping196857 smiling241370 tavern159 the prancing pony8 unshorn fetlocks24662 wet7863 wet mane5123 wet mane rarity815


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Very unlikely, given the description.

It's kinda odd having a tavern named after the primary species…or I just can't think of one. Is there a tavern called, 'The Prancing Human'?

Oh, and WTD, I thought you said we couldn't expect more awesome backgrounds from you, yet here they persist! Your power level is rising rapidly!