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safe2196509 artist:bronybyexception353 angel bunny11461 apple bloom60521 applejack202316 discord37803 fluttershy261050 pinkie pie258232 rainbow dash282756 rarity219394 soarin'18008 spitfire15822 that friggen eagle76 trixie79998 twilight sparkle360903 alicorn319135 bat2742 eagle428 pony1626927 rabbit9141 g42052441 accessory swap2088 applejack (male)1248 armor31652 blank flank10090 bubble berry1843 butterscotch2223 clothes644215 cloudsdale1612 dress63008 dusk shine2766 elusive1405 female1827717 gala dress5504 half r63 shipping2707 love poison128 male558970 menu306 pointy ponies4007 present8967 prince dusk371 rainbow blitz2891 restaurant1056 rule 6333849 ship:applerity49 ship:appleshy1473 ship:bubbleshy19 ship:butterjack9 ship:pinkieblitz28 ship:pinkiedash3705 ship:rarijack8375 ship:rarilight2203 ship:soarindash7630 ship:soarindashfire66 ship:soarinfire651 ship:trixshine52 ship:twilusive9 ship:twixie5392 shipping257344 straight181639 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150697


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Background Pony #5A33
There is, the second frame is of r63 Pinkie leaving presents for Flutters. And Angel rallys the troops because no-one messes with Angel’s momma.