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suggestive170108 artist:mad'n evil543 fluttershy235737 belly34862 belly bed3384 big belly15633 butt170962 chubby cheeks4726 fat25641 fattershy1294 featureless crotch8005 female1578747 huge butt12896 immobile3473 impossibly large belly12838 impossibly large butt8635 large butt24647 looking at you212207 looking back72339 morbidly obese9208 obese13441 plot111161 smiling323354 solo1245517 solo female204281 the ass was fat18054 thighs21320 thunder thighs11951 underhoof60875 weight gain5081


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Background Pony #11D6
This might just be me, but I like how the legs are drawn. And I don’t mean they were drawn BIG!!! even though I like that too. ;) I like how the different parts are separated, between the flank-rump, the thigh (I guess that’s what it is) and the hock. The hooves are a cute touch as well. On that note, I like how her legs dimple into her massive midsection; that’s cute as well.
I also really like her facial expression. It’s so adorable!