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Part 1

Part 2

Part 4: ????

I dunno when I'll have part four up, but taking suggestions on what happens next; we'll be cutting to Rarity next time.
safe1750001 artist:mad'n evil503 applejack173235 derpy hooves50771 oc711669 pegasus308981 pony1010073 unicorn342119 aderpose223 applebucking thighs2150 applebutt4542 applefat563 bubble butt699 chubby13518 chubby cheeks3950 comic111453 fat22650 featureless crotch7091 hat90300 huge butt10320 immobile2901 impossibly large belly10812 impossibly large butt7423 impossibly large everything963 key stone2 mad pony - an expansive comic4 magic75372 mega stone5 morbidly obese8106 obese11879 plot82096 pokémon9413 rolls of fat1897 the ass was fat14241 weight gain4434 weight transfer27


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