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Sequel to >>660865

Gloves? Check. Straps? Check. Toy where she should be? Check.

Trixie had to admit, she initially didn't think working for the Bright Brothers crime syndicate was ultimately going to be the best choice for her, but now, she honestly can't complain. After two months of working for them, she's made quite a living for herself. A good income, and a "modest" manor with a large backyard and a grand swimming pool to go along with it. Of course, that wasn't the only thing she got. She also got her little bunny prize who she plays with every chance she gets to. Her squirms and moans as she tries to escape her captivity are always a joy to watch and listen to. Speaking of, she should probably go to her right now.

Without a second though, she grins as she pulls forward and dives into the refreshingly cool water of her pool, taking a brief second to upright herself in her special merpony suit. Trixie always loved stories about merponies and seaponies, and to have an opportunity to experience what it's like to be one even for a bit was always a magical moment for her. She's even incorporated it into some of her shows in the past, and sometimes for special escape acts. The one she was wearing though came with a special collar that allows her to breath underwater by pulling oxygen from the water around her. Letting out a content sigh, she took a moment to prep her legs before heading towards her little plaything.

That plaything happens to be one Twilight Sparkle, Trixie's current captive now gagged, magicless, and turned merpony as well. It was bad enough for her that the suit matched Trixie's coat, but it was also far tighter than her holder's as well as made out of a much thicker rubber, making movement all the more difficult. After being forced into the suit, she was thrown in the pool and left to her own devices for the time being. She panicked less when she found she could breathe normally, but she still struggled to move around and even stay upright. It didn't help that her arms were bound behind her back in a sleeve built into the suit.

She managed to somewhat get used to swimming in the thing, and then she saw who was heading for her. Her eyes went wide as she tried to swim away, but she didn't get far. Within a minute, the chase was over, and the magician had grabbed her prize. It wasn't long after when Trixie began to have her fun, smiling wickedly as she groped and fondled the other unicorns breasts, one hand moving away to feel around elsewhere, be it her curves, or just to grab her plot. Despite her struggles and grunts, she knew she wasn't getting away. The only thing sh could hope for is for Trixie to get bored of all this sooner rather than later.
suggestive145515 artist:ponyguy6797 artist:ryuseihikari212 trixie68107 twilight sparkle303150 mermaid2073 anthro264715 aquaphilia622 arm behind back6243 armbinder453 bad touch737 ballgag7192 blushing201013 bondage34229 bondage gear960 boob window1282 bound1767 box tied853 breast fondling2309 breast grab7288 breasts283511 cleavage35125 clopfic in description961 clothes467317 collar33830 commission70645 corset4379 embarrassed11568 evening gloves8470 female1381719 fetish40778 fin63 fondling488 gag14714 grope13445 horn ring5693 latex12024 leering18 lesbian98122 magic suppression3981 molestation1784 rebreather58 rubber1693 shipping202917 story included9255 straps745 swimming pool2778 twixie5121 underwater5624


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