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safe2196508 artist:nekubi1004 applejack202316 fluttershy261050 pinkie pie258232 rainbow dash282756 rarity219394 twilight sparkle360902 earth pony514252 horse4594 pegasus506919 pony1626926 unicorn549043 g42052440 bedroom eyes83315 blushing278852 confused6793 diverse body types244 female1827712 floppy ears74022 freckles45094 frown36690 glare9090 hoers4759 line-up1303 mane six37848 mare757298 nervous8753 open mouth242374 pixiv14480 question mark6894 raised hoof71385 raised leg12187 realistic2409 simple background608547 size difference21724 smiling405366 smirk18379 smoldash262 spread wings97239 sweat41411 tallershy241 unshorn fetlocks48534 white background166301


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Background Pony #DA28
Well thank you for posting those, I wish I’d remembered them earlier as it would have made that “conversation” a lot shorter. I’ll wish everyone here a goodnight then.
Background Pony #DA28
@Narlepoax III  
Because you said “it is ridiculous to see two members of the same breed of pony to be literally feet apart from each other in height”, to which I answered how did we know they are the same breed, which led you to basically say that I was stupid for saying so and had no way to prove it. Now apparently you’re retracting your argument that basically said the breed argument to explain the height difference is ridiculous.
Why are you sounding angry and apparently are unable to have a civil discussion about this?
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On the other side of this:  
All the mane 6 are the same height in-show.
Really don’t know why the hell y’all are fighting over this shit or why it even matters in the first place.
Background Pony #DA28
@Mad Black  
Oh I didn’t say there shouldn’t be any. I just said there’s no way to prove there are/aren’t any. Which there isn’t, but like you said with Big Mac, Fleur and some others there is a lot of variety with height and stature in Equestrian ponies so maybe. It’s just never been addressed specifically so no real way to prove it.
Arabians are actually a real breed of horse but of course in the show it’s supposed to be more of a cultural/national thing. And mules are technically a hybrid between two closely related species (horses and donkeys), but I know what you mean.
Background Pony #DA28
@Mad Black  
Yeah I know what you mean, all of the mane 6 and most of the ponies have the same body type (the exact same flash model actually). It’s sort of like how some artists like to reimagine all of the different pony races with different physical features (“classical” unicorns with cloven hooves and long tails for example). It’s never really been my thing and obviously isn’t on model with the show characters, but some people enjoy imagining them that way and it’s not hurting anything. Sort of like this picture, and how this artist apparently likes to imagine height differences.
Background Pony #DA28
@Narlepoax III  
You have no retort, you mean. And I already stated that there is no way to prove either way that different breeds of pony exist in Equestria. Which is why I think it’s pointless for you to dismiss the notion simply on grounds that you disapprove of it, as you cannot prove that I am incorrect either. You may as well say you just don’t like the idea, as that’s what it boils down to. Otherwise we just go in circles with this.
And I’m not a “sir”, by the way.
Mad Black
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@Background Pony #7115  
Well from the show point of view it would seem that the mane 6 are all from the same breed, because of their physique. But the are three different subspecies.  
Ponies like Fleur De Lee or Mr. Cake seem to be a different pony breed. But so it seems for Big MacIntosh as well. (And I don’t know if that makes any sense.)  
Celestia could be her own subspecies altogether. ^^