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Shining Armor trying a different kind of foreplay.

suggestive192497 artist:patch631 princess cadance40508 shining armor28368 pony1627436 g42052898 belly45861 blushing278986 duo178419 eyes closed141080 female1828284 foreplay228 grin63963 licking28159 male559196 monochrome176441 on side9777 pregnant16965 ship:shiningcadance3613 shipping257413 sketch84121 smiling405596 straight181704 tongue out149639 tummylingus108


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Ocellus is best buggo
I doubt Cadance would refuse her husband showing his adoration with her gravid figure.
Plus who knows how much longer she’ll be pregnant. I can see them doing this every night they can.
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Culture Vulture
“My heart was pounding the whole time. It was the most erotic moment of my life”  
-Rose (Titanic)  
This pics make me think of that quote for some reason.